My First Week

Bonjour Mon Famille,

This is AWESOME!

I Love the MTC so much!  From the second I walked in the doors, I have felt an amazing spirit about this place!

It is not easy.  We went into the classroom after check in and Soeur Wynn (our teacher) was only speaking french.  She went through everything I knew, in about 3 minutes.  I am on day 2 now and I can bear by témoignage (testimony) completely in French and can even pray in French.

My first evening I got to see Sister Brielle Petrie and 2 others from the Nashua NH Stake.

We all went to a class in front of an ami de l’Église (Friend of the Church) it was so awesome.  It was eye opening for a lot of the missionaries.  I love every second here.

The food is okay, I will survive.

I have two companions, Elder Beck and Elder Clark.  They are awesome.  Being in a triple is a little hard sometimes, but most of the time I really like it.

I love this work and this language.

I know that God loves us all and that he is proud of us.

vous aimer

Elder Peterson


3 thoughts on “My First Week

  1. Sounds like it is all working out just as it is supposed to AJ. I will follow you over the next couple years. Love and hugs from us here in Florida 🙂


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