First P-Day and my chance to E-mail this week


Bonjour maman et papa!

I am able to write for 1 hour a week, so here is what I have been doing this week –

Today I was able to go to the temple and now have an assigned P-day (Preparation Day) which means

I can email and do laundry!

I love our teacher soeur Wynn, she just got back from serving in the France Paris mission about 3 months ago!

We have a French Ami de eglise (friends of the church) and we have picked up lessons with some people that are here at the MTC and are non-members to help us learn the language. We have 4 people we are teaching! Most of our class time is on our own as a district so we have to be pro-active about learning the french.  That is hard but as a district we are doing quite well especially since it has only been 1 week!

I have really felt the gift of tongues and the interpretation of tongues as we were teaching in french,

The Saint-Esprit est fort, and I have been able to have my témoignage of the L’Évangile de Jésus-Christ grow stronger as I serve others and teach them with love,

I love my district, we have 4 soeurs and ma collègues there is one sister from Utah and 2 from Washington state and the last one is from New Zealand

They are all wonderful! We are very strong as a district and we also have lot of fun learning together!

The only time I have been homesick is during Conference when the Choir was singing they were showing pictures of fall in New England….

Our zone in the MTC is awesome! It is a bunch of us that are going to the two France missions and a group that is going to Tahiti who will be speaking French and Tahitian so they are here 12 weeks! They came before us and will be leaving after us.

Please post the link to on my blog and facebook. I only got one letter but I got several email which I just saw today.

Life here is awesome and I love to be with my companions and the food is good!  I have to try to work out enough so that I don’t get fat!  That is the struggle.

The MTC is so nice.  It has been all updated and watching Conference was awesome here.

Oh yea — I forgot to tell you that on my third day here we had to teach a lesson in FRENCH!!! It was rough but the spirit (merci) was here but we taught it all in French.

We had a Fantastic Conference weekend and last night we taught another lesson in French!

We are able to ask questions and bear temiognge en French which is really cool and we can pray!

I can understand french really well, most of the time but i can never seem to find the words I need to speak French!

This week 2 of the soeurs in my district were teaching Albert (the French Ami de Eglise) and they wanted to say “Jesus-Christ et notre frere”  Jesus is our brother but they instead said “Jesus-Christ et notre fils”Jesus is our Son….. Oopsie…it was soo funny haha we laughed about it for way too long because we were just so relieved we were done teaching!

TOMORROW is French Day!!!  We are going to try as a district to only speak french all day… Excitant, hein

Tout va bien ici!


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