Week Two — Working overtime in French

Hello everyone!

Another week has flown by here at the MTC.  I needed this P-Day to just relax and take a break! My brain is working overtime with learning and applying french.

This week we taught another 2 lessons in French!  Anyway, as I thought, our Ami de eglise ended up being our teacher which I totally saw coming!

His name is Brother Nash and he served in the Congo French speaking! (avec Dan Addington) and he has now become our second teacher and he is going a little slower than Soeur Wynn which is good because now we can all keep up better!

Yesterday Soeur Wynn became one of our new investigators. She is playing the role of someone she met on her mission is Paris. She has only been back for less than 2 months and she is really good at French, so it is a bit intimidating to be teaching her, as she never breaks the act!

She said we are doing well in French. We are constantly praying for the gift of tongues, which is working in the lessons really well, but then outside the lessons I still feel like I cannot speak or understand. HA HA!

I had a really cool experience this week – We were teaching Albert (Bro.Nash) and he is a Pentecostal so he prays to Jesus instead of Pere Celest so I wanted to find examples of Christ being here to preach for his father and how he prayed to Pere Celest.  I prayed right before moi etude et when je opened my scriptures I was guided through them in such an amazing way – when I would look at the book I was studying I would get a number for a chapter in my mind and then I would get another number for a verse!!!! I never even looked at the topical guide or the cross references. I was purely seeking through the pages and the Lord provided like 9 verses which were all awesome and perfect! I am so thankful for that experience and that same thing keeps happening when I study my scriptures.

Life is great here! It isn’t easy here but it is so spiritually rewarding! I am so happy I have this opportunity.

Last night for Gym I went to the field with my comps and we played soccer with like 4 other sets of elders and I was doing so well! Maybe, I wont be fat after all.  haha!  It was cool because I have never been into sports. haha!

We have a new district in our zone of elders from France so it is super cool to get to know them and hear what real french is like from people our age.

Sunday is scary here because everyone has to write a 3-5 minute talk in French.   You don’t know who is going to be talking until they call you up to the stand! So we all had talks written and we prayed really hard that we wouldn’t get called. haha.  Well it turns out the 2 that were called were going to tahiti and learning both tahitian and French so they gave their talks in Tahitian which was interesting! It sounds like 4 words being repeated 30 times in different tones. I am so thankful for French.

About my Companions (Pictured above)

Elder Clark is from Ogden Utah and he is like a treasure trove of scripture references, so that is super convenient! He is really nice and he means well so we get along well.

Elder Beck grew up in our stake actually! So we have a lot of mutual friends but he moved to NY when he was like 11. He just moved to DC before coming out here.  He is super cool and also really good in the lessons so that is great!

Our companionship is very unified. We can deal with problems, well before they get out of hand and our skills complement each other which is nice 🙂

Our district is hilarious. I love the sisters in it. We all have a great time!

Thanks for the Letters!!! They mean alot! It is so nice to get mail!



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