Another Week has gone by….End of Week Three can you believe it!

Hello Everyone,

My teacher has informed the class that we are now in our 4th week!!! AHHHHH.  I cannot believe how quickly this week has flown by.  I seems all the days mix together.  Its like in Shawshank Redemption, getting lost in the time between meals.  It does not help that all food is all starting to taste the same.


I am the new District leader!!!!!  It is really cool to have this responsibility and opportunity. I am so happy to do it.  It is kind of stressful but with A LOT of prayer for my district and my companions, it seems to be going well.

We now teach a lesson in French everyday and I can really feel the gift of tongues when I am teaching.  At times it feels like “wow its been 20 days… why am I not fluent?” But, it is actually coming along well.  Yesterday we were working on ‘passe composse’ which is awesome! Because, now I am not only stuck in the present, when speaking French.

It is crazy that we are leaving for France in 20 days! I Actually feel really confident in French recently… well Gospel French that is. <big smile>

This weeks language faux pas..

Elder Beck was talking to Albert (ami de eglise) and he said

“Prier avec real intention avec votre corps pour verite au le livre de mormon et votre le fois plue” which means “pray with real intent with your body for truth of the book of mormon and your Liver will grow”

It was funny because he meant to say “coeur” (which means heart) instead of corps (which means body) which sound similar and “la foi” means faith but “le fois” means liver. It was pretty great to watch Albert who is our teacher try to keep a straight face and act like he said it right and he almost busted out laughing.  It was really funny!!

I love it here!  Every Sunday and also Tuesday nights when there is a devotional.  There are always great speakers, from either high up in the church, or just Famous Mormons in sports or on TV. It is amazing!  The other night I went to the “Character of Christ” talk and it changed my life!!!!!!!! It is the best talk I have ever heard.  It was given at the MTC on Christmas in 2011 and they only play it here.

There is a french district here, all the missionaries are from France and they have been called to Tahiti!  It is really cool to talk to them and hear French being spoken.

About the Sisters in our District:

Soeur Haws is really cool and is super good in French!  and Soeur Tibbits is awesome in French.  They are both from Washington State near Seattle.

I have seen Elder Connor Houghton, 3 times since he arrived! He is doing so well with Swedish.  He loves it and he already taught his first lesson. He said he felt like he was speaking fluently,

We both bore our testimonies to each other in our Mission languages, that was super cool!


Please keep the letters coming, I love them!

Love you all,

Elder Peterson


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