The Sisters got me… Week Two

Our district is hilarious! I love the sisters in it. We all have a great time learning and teaching the gospel together!

Well the Sisters thought I needed some mail!

So they sent me a letter in the mail with a return address from Manchester NH.  It seemed really legitimate and it was one of the most creepy stalker letters I’ve ever gotten!

Not that I am gullible, but It seemed very real because it came in the mail to the MTC. It said:

Hey Aaron, oops i mean Elder Peterson now haha ;), its Katie.  I hope you remember me, you wrapped my burrito so well at Taco Bell a couple times.

How is everything going? Tell me about missionary life. I’m actually thinking about serving a mission. This might seem crazy but it’ll make the 2 years go faster…. 1 week down only 103 to go.

I went to Taco Bell 2 days after you left. A stoner friend there gave me your mailing address. I hope you dont mind.

I dont have much more to say but I have a poem that I made up…

Roses are red,

Violets are blue;

each day goes by

but i still think of you.

Bye Bye for now. XOXO

P.S. Lock your heart, I’m waiting.


AHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAAH I DIED,  I was so freaked out because it said it was from NH.  The sisters played along so well.

I am happy it was a prank!  They only told me they did it because I was going to write back and they used a church chapel address from NH.  Anyway It was quite humorous.


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