Week Four — These weeks fly here!!

My Companions and My Best Friend Elder Houghton and his Companion!
My Companions and My Best Friend – Elder Houghton and his Companion!

WOW These weeks fly here!

This has been a long week… but it flew, so its weird!

Best thing ever happened…

We got an in with the janitorial service and they got me and my companions CAFE RIO!!!!!!

We gave them our money and orders and we got it!  I don’t think I ever have been so happy to have food from the outside world!

We got Cafe Rio - YUM YUM
We got Cafe Rio – YUM YUM


Ok, so French is coming along well and we are all buckling down this week!  That is because we are going to get our Travel plans this Friday! We are all working very hard so we don’t FREAK OUT and think we don’t know any French.  Its going to be a long week with PVL (Parle Votre Langue) speaking your language. It will be worth it as in just 2 weeks we will be in FRANCE!


The sisters said this when they feel the spirit: “je resentir le pet”

What they should have said was “je resentir la paix”.  They sound the same besides the “le” and “la” but resentir, means both feel and smell.. so “le pet” means the fart. HAHAHA it was really funny when it happened because they were teaching some French elders.

We have had some of the best Devotional speakers ever while I have been here! The spirit is here so strongly and I have learned so much about myself and about life.

The MTC is doing a lot of renovation and we just moved from what felt like a prison to a newly renovated Building! Our classes are so much better!  Now instead of a chalkboard we have a white board and it is super nice! There are also a bunch of rooms for teaching in.  That is really nice.

Elder Bingham just left yesterday. Which means that the only Nashua Stake people here now are Elder Houghton, Elder Texeria and myself! However, Sister Fox comes tomorrow! That should be fun 🙂

On Sunday night they have a bunch of different movies playing and last week we all went to the Joseph Smith movie….IN FRENCH and i understood like all of it!  It was so cool to watch and understand it in my mission language.  I loved that I could understand and it really gave me such a confidence boost!

Mission Selfie with Elder Beck
Mission Selfie with Elder Beck

Everything here is great this morning! We went to the temple and then me and my companions ate lunch at the temple and it was soooo good! It is very nice to get away from the MTC food every now and then 🙂

Provo Temple Entrance – P-Day we get to go to the Temple

I love it here and I am so thankful for this opportunity 🙂

There isn’t anything on earth I would rather be doing right now!

Give my love to everyone!

PS. Keep the letters coming! I love them!


4 thoughts on “Week Four — These weeks fly here!!

  1. Hi AJ, Looks like your doing great! I am now following your blog and will look forward to the updates every week. Keep up the great work. Much love and hugs to you on your journey. Sue


  2. Hello Elder AJ,
    I love seeing your letters each week as well as the snail mail that I received. Love Cafe Rio. One of my favorite places to eat when I visit Utah. I am so happy for you. Take care. Love, Aunt Ginger


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