WOW! WHERE HAS TIME GONE?!! – Five Weeks Already…..


This week has been AWESOME! It has been a really hard week because we have pushed ourselves a lot to get ready for the travel plans that we received on last Friday!

We all went worked so hard on our french this week.  We now all know all of the tenses that we will be learning while at the MTC!

So for the last week we are working on reviewing the tenses and trying to master them — This will be good because it is a lot to remember!

We have learned so much and we are just trying to cram in as much as possible this week because we fly out on Monday!!

We went to the temple this morning.  It was a great opportunity to spend a few minutes reflecting on our mission. I love going to the temple.

DSCF0260Today was awesome because there was a devotional at BYU and the whole MTC was invited, so we all walked from the MTC to the Marriott Center together.  It was really a great talk about being proactive! It was someone from the Quorum of the Seventy.

I have now been here for 5 weeks!! This is crazy! I love it here and it will be sad to leave. However, I am also super excited to finally be in France surrounded by the people of France.

This week we had our Anniversary Party as a room in the dorm.  We have been together for a month, so we got some sparkling cider and a bunch of Halloween candy and we had a little party.  It was a really fun and good time 🙂

Also Elder Clark had a Chiropractor’s appointment…. So we got to break free for an hour which was really nice! We got to drive around Provo a little bit, which was awesome.  We passed the new temple being built in the old Provo Tabernacle.

While in the MTC, we have had some amazing speakers come and talk to us every Sunday and Tuesday.  This has been amazing for me, because I have learned so much!

For French, this week we have not had many problems except like when we don’t know a word and we try to use a english one, which never works out well. HA HA

As District leader, things are going very well and I am quite happy about everything with our District 🙂

On Monday we fly to Atlanta then to Paris and then to Lyon we will be in Lyon around 12pm Local time in Lyon 🙂 I am so excited to get there and to meet my trainer!

All my prayers have been for a good trainer. HA HA I hope i get someone who makes me use French but its also really cool… I can dream…

There is a group of 18 of us going to Lyon together on the 10th. However, I only know half of them because the other half is in another zone.


It was a great day at the MTC even though dress code made it so we could not dress up we got creative.

I was Frere Blosil (A teacher here at the MTC who acts a certain way and wears his name tag on is tie) and all the Sisters Dressed like Disney princesses and it looked so good. HA HA Elder Beck was a Vampire and Elder Clark was Dwight from the Office and it was so funny!

We has a great day and for dessert we got Caramel Apples!

Can you believe it — my next letter will be from France!

I am so excited for this! It is going to be the best time ever!

Bonne semine!

Elder Peterson


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