I made it to France!

Bonsoir Mom and Dad,

I made it to France, sorry I could not call from Atlanta but I did not end up having time.

The mission President and his wife are great people.  I had my first interview with President Roney, he is so nice and a very humble guy.  I know that this is the right place for me.  He told me that it seems that I have a leg up on my french language skills over most of the new missionaries. That was really awesome to hear because I was not feeling to great about my speaking.

In like 10 minutes, I am going out contacting with the AP’s trying to place some LDM’s (le livre de mormon).  That should be interesting.

President Roney said that he plans on putting me with a good trainer, so that I can get the language down.  He seems to like me which is really great.

I have only walked around for a bit, but I already love this city and these people.  I love Europe and I love the french language.  I cannot wait to be able to speak with fluency.

The AP and office elders all seem awesome.  We will be spending the night in the office elders apartment, parce que et es Grand!  It sleeps 15 people.  We are having dinner at the Mission home which should be great.

The flights were are nice and we made our connections with only 1 sister losing a bag but it is flying in tonight.  We flew AirFrance which was AWESOME!!

I hope all is well there! Love you and Pray for you all every night.

Scripture from the Plane:  Luke 1:37 -” Car rien n’est impossible a dieu”

Love Elder Peterson, from France



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