This is the best thing EVER!!!!!

Hello Mom and Dad!

Please forgive any spelling mistakes because I am on a French keyboard.

This is the best thing ever!

I love it here so much, every day has been a great new adventure,

We flew into Lyon and we arrived safely with only 1 person losing his bag 🙂

We boarded trains and went to the office for the mission in the city. On the way we all got some ham sandwiches on baguettes which were so amazing!!!!!!  Everything here tastes better.

Then we all got interviewed by the President, so that he could decide who would best be our trainers.  It was a great interview and I absolutely love the President so much.

Then……. we went contacting! In French (well we are in France — haha) It was pretty scary at first but I loved it! I was able to talk to like 4 people 🙂 There was one guy who didn’t want to talk about the church but he was willing to help me with my french, which was very nice.

That night we all went to Presidents house for dinner. The mission nurse cooked for us, and it was delicious! After dinner we all just kind of hung out and enjoyed each others company for a while. Then we went to the Office Elders apartment which is huge.  They have 4 bedrooms with 3 bunks each, so we all slept there and prepared for the next day to meet our trainers!  What was funny was that our trainers were there at the apartment, but we were not allowed to see them. 🙂 🙂

Next day we all went to the office and had pain au chocolate!!!! Soooo goooood.

Then we made our way to the Immigration center to finish our visa stuff. For some reason they give you an x-RAY when you get here and then they check your blood sugar haha.  I dont know why, it was strange.. but, now I am legal 🙂 The legality stuff took soooo looonnng.

After that we went to the local church building in Lyon and had some instruction by the President and his wife before getting our trainers!! *

This is Elder Adamson and he is my trainer! He is really awesome and he has been in Montpelier for 3 months.  We email from an internet cafe, so that is where we just took this picture 🙂


Being in Montpellier has been so awesome so far.  I love these people and our amis are so awesome 🙂

We had so many amis at church yesterday, it is so great and we have had a lot of mangezvous (rendezvous where we are fed) and I have lost 2 kilo 🙂  There are so many great families here in the ward and I love them all so much and they are so willing to help me a lot with my french 🙂

I love it here and I have only had rocks thrown at me 1 time!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Much of Montpelier is very nice although we do have a really big Red zone where we cannot go, because there is a very high Muslim population and it is not safe for us there. But hey it is OK as I don’t wanna go to scary places anyway 🙂 🙂 🙂

Today we are going with our district to the Beach because its cold we can go there haha and we just get a day to relax and eat cheese 🙂

The President was talking to us about the importance of Christ and his ministry, he asked us what has Heavenly Father said to us in the scriptures?

What is really interesting is that his words he has repeated often in the scriptures and he doesn’t say many other things, other than Hear ye him.

I love it because we have so much of the ministry of Christ and the Father has commanded us to hear him, to give heed to his words and to follow.

Hear Him.

I Love you all!

My address is:

Elder Peterson

63 BIS Avenue de Lodévr

34070 Montpellier France


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