Week Two – Montpellier France

A tree lined street in Montpellier France.
A tree lined street in Montpellier France.


Bonne Famille Matin et Amis

It has been a great week in France! I love it here so much and I have had so many amazing experiences here this week, both with the members and with our amis.

We taught 12 lessons this week, which was awesome! So many things have happened this week, I had to write them down in my journal so I can remember them for when I email. So here it goes…

St. Pierre's Cathedral is one of the biggest churches in Montpellier:
St. Pierre’s Cathedral is one of the biggest churches in Montpellier:

We have had a lot of Mange Vous this week with members which is awesome!

The other night we were heading home and waiting at a tram stop and there were a few drunk Africans at the stop.  They had been drinking and were smoking while they waited for the tram.  Needless to say I was scared 🙂  Then one of them saw my name badge and said loudly “Mormons!”  I was so afraid, but then one man approached me and got in my face like 10 inches from me and grabbed my hand and began to shake it and thanked me.  He loves genealogy 🙂 He has used the church websites many times to do his family history and he loves it.  It was such a relief because I honestly thought we were going to get beat up 🙂 Anyway we ended up talking to their group for 10 minutes and it was really nice 🙂 

The first day this week we got 4 lessons and it was so cool because we had someone cancel on us.  So, we went to the park and handed out 2 copies of the LDM (Livre de Mormon) and gave lessons in a park. It was tres cool.

Our Ward is the best Ward in France! They are all so nice and funny, French people are hilarious. I love them.

Yesterday at church I was able to speak to a lot of people in french after Saint-cene (Sacrament). I also got to go up on the stand and introduced myself and shared my testimony which was scary, but everyone said I did well 🙂

We left the city the other day to go do service at a members home, whose husband recently died. We did service in her garden and she has the most amazing house I have ever seen!!  It is a little town on top of a hill and it is all stone and its older than Jesus 🙂  The whole town is built around a castle and it is all cobblestone and beautiful and her house is amazing like an old stone townhouse with a gate and everything. It was tres cool. After gardening she fed us……….. lets just say I tried Head cheese for the first time!! It was actually really good! The flavor was there but you just had to not think about what it was.  She gave us some of the best duck I have ever had.

On Friday we put on a THANKSGIVING Party!!

It was a huge success! There were 55 people there, 26 were members and the rest were friends. It was so nice and we went around and everyone said what they were thankful for 🙂 That was so awesome.  I understood everything that was said and I spoke too which was really cool!  Everyone tried to make American food which was so really cool 🙂  There are about 8 BYU-I students here on a study abroad so it is cool to have some Americans in the ward.

Another missionary activity that the Ward does is called Sport-xtreme which is P90X 🙂  Our Ward Mission Leader served in Idaho, so he kinda speaks English. He translates the P90X and leads the class and a lot of people come! It really kicks my butt though 🙂 It is so hard and I have been really sore.  On the plus side I’ve lost weight, so that is a good thing 🙂

I love our ami’s here! One that we are really working with is El– and she is Chinese so she doesn’t know anything about God, which makes things very interesting. I love seeing someone to see and learn the gospel from step 1.

We had a really great time last night! We were invited with a family back to the awesome stone house and we all had a crèpe Parttyyy!  We had a lot of crèpes and played board games in French 🙂

Make sure to check out my Scripture from this week, it is amazing! We have the scriptures as a guide to this life and If we trust in the Lord and push forward with faith then the Lord will be there to help us all the time,

Je vous aime! Passez une bonne semaine!

Elder Peterson

Having a bite to eat!
Having a bite to eat!

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