Another Great Week in the Mission Field of Montpellier


This week was another GREAT WEEK for Elder Adamson and I  in Montpellier!

Last Monday after we sent our weekly emails we went and had a relaxing day and then late in the afternoon we went to do some service at a members house.  They needed some help moving furniture….  As it goes here, there isn’t one family in France that you can leave their house on time.  So we go to help them move furniture and as we arrive they just happen to have rolls coming out of the oven with hot chocolate ready for us.  So we sit and talk for about 45 minutes before we begin moving the furniture. After we are done we share a spiritual thought and attempt to leave but of course we need to have a glass of soda first and to talk more. 🙂 It is so funny because that is what it is like when we try to leave anyones house here.

Then we realize that we’re late to a dinner appointment with the members that own the building that we live in.  We RAN home, like 2 miles, and changed  very quickly (we were pouring with sweat) and walked across the hall to our dinner. It was really nice and especially because at the end of dinner we were already home 🙂

Bordeaux, France (Photo courtesy of Bordeaux Tourist Office, François Poincet)
Bordeaux, France (Photo courtesy of Bordeaux Tourist Office, François Poincet)

Tuesday was very exciting! Elder Adamson had to do some legality stuff in Bordeaux.  So we took an hour train ride to Bordeaux and stayed the night with Elders there.  That was very fun! Legality stuff only took like 20 minutes so we had the whole day to Contact and see some of the sites, that was very cool!  Bordeaux is so beautiful, I really hope I have the opportunity to serve there!  Apparently about half of the missionaries serve part of their mission there, as there are like 7 companionships there. 🙂  They have 2 Wards and a seminary/institute building.

On the way back home we talked to this man on the train who lived in Texas for 2 years and used to meet with the Missionaries there, like 20 years ago! It was really cool.

Thursday was great not only to be home from our trip but because it was Thanksgiving 🙂 We had a District meeting that morning and then we all went to the Burger place called the Holy Cow, IT WAS SO AMERICAN! Our mission president told us to just take the afternoon with the other missionaries and enjoy each others company and remember what we are Thankful for.  It was a very nice afternoon. Then later on we went contacting in the park with a Questionnaire that the president made! It is awesome and we had a lot of great conversations. In the evening we were invited to an american family’s house for a nice dinner with fondue!!  It was an amazing end to Thanksgiving 🙂

Friday was SUPER FINDING DAY.  In the morning all the missionaries went to the Gare and prayed together to start the day and we had such a good time 🙂  We talked to a lot of people and really had a lot of fun. That afternoon we were able to teach our ami El– who is chinese. We taught her the basics about who Christ is and what he did for us all.  It is so interesting to be able to teach someone who has no background at all of any religion in her life.

Saturday was great also!  We had a really great Lunch appt with members where we had crépes and it was so great!  She made savory crépes with salmon and tomatoes and then sweet ones for dessert 🙂  The members here are so awesome!!!

We have sooo many mangez vous each week that we barely cook at all 🙂  Elder Adamson says it is the most mangez vous he has ever had.

That afternoon we taught an English class, which is always fun!  I learn so much about French when we teach it.  People tell me a lot that I am good at French but I still have sooooooooo much to learn. I can understand almost everything in conversations now, but still find it difficult to speak. However, when people hear that I have only been here 3 weeks they freak out that I know so much.  That is really cool for me.

Yesterday we had church which was awesome!!! It was the primary program and it was the most adorable thing I have ever seen. The primary kids were so little and the entire program was in French — I could understand. After church we went around visiting members and just had a lot of fun with three families.

Did you know that there is a new Christmas video that is going to be HUGE!  It is called, He Is The Gift.The church bought all of the screens at Time square to play it plus they bought the youtube homepage for december 7th to show it.   They will have youtube ads all month. It is estimated that 277 Million people will watch it and we missionaries are getting special pass along cards for it.

The website is for english and for french its

That is my message this week — He is the Gift of Christmas!  I encourage all of you to share the gift this season and to discover for yourselves.

Avec Amour, Elder Peterson


One thought on “Another Great Week in the Mission Field of Montpellier

  1. Sounds like all is going well Elder Peterson. So glad you are adjusting well to your mission. Much love to you and a hug.


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