A Week of Miracles in Montpellier

The picture above is of 3 Companionships on Esplanade Charles de Gaulle near the Place de la Comedie during the Marché de Noël et village des délices.


This week has been very exciting because at the last zone training meeting we set a goal of every equip (companionship) in our zone to get 20 lessons this week as a last goal before the transfer!  To say the least it was amazing as our whole zone finished last night and we all got 22 lessons taught!  That is 220 lessons taught in just one week in one single zone!!!  It is a miracle that we were able to accomplish that goal.  We prayed all the time and had buckets of faith! Needless to say we are so happy that we were able to accomplish this goal.
So because it was the last week of the transfer we received the calls from President and the got the news that the sisters here in Montpellier are being transferred.  We will be getting a new set of sisters here and 1 of the other Elders is also being transferred.  However, I am staying here with Elder Adamson for another transfer, which will be for 8 more weeks.
This week we met alot of new people and we have a found couple new amis! One of them is from Columbia and she is here learning French. She kinda speaks English, so we teach her in English and I gave her a Libro de Mormón (Spanish Book of Mormon). We have another new ami also whose name is  Mal—- and he recently converted to Islam but he is very open and wants to read the Book of Mormon and learn about the prophets.
It rained here almost all week and it has been cold, but our spirits are warm! We have been using all the new Christmas stuff and we have been sharing it with everyone and they all seem to really like it.  What I have found surprising is how many people don’t know the origin of Christmas. 🙂  In fact a lot of people here simply say “joyaux fete” like happy celebration.  Rather than “joyaux noel”, We have found it rewarding to tell people the roots of Christmas and we have made a new questionnaire for joyaux noel which has gotten us a lot of new conversations.
Here in Montpellier they have a March de Noel which is a bunch of wooden cabins where they sell all kinds of great handmade christmas stuff and that has been really fun to have here!  The Esplanade Charles de Gaulle near the Place de la Comedie est une village des délices. and is full of Christmas lights and there are people playing music and choral groups singing and there is even an ice rink.
This week has been an amazing week, but because it is transfer day I dont have as much time to email because we need to go to meet people who are coming through our Gare.
Je Vous Aime!
Elder Peterson
The Globe in Lights – Montpellier France at Christmas
Marche de Noel, Montpellier France

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