Miracles and More!!!

Bonjour a tous!!

This week has been amazing and full of miracles! 

On Tuesday we had a lesson with the ami who we recived from lds.org. He had been studying and asking really good questions while he was reading a lot of the Book of Mormon. We taught him how to pray and we told him to ask God and he said he would ask God if  what we teach is true and then we had a really good lesson,

Then on Wednesday we had the French class with another Ami who helps teach us French which went really great because it ended up just being a big gospel conversation and he had a number of questions that we were able to help him answer and then after that we went and saw our ami who is Chinese who just returned from vacation,

We went out to eat together and had a great time and taught her the plan of Salvation and it went really well. I have found it so interesting teaching her because she has no background in religion.  She tells us that a lot of things are abstract and very new so we have to really rely alot on the spirit to witness that these things are truths from God. Later that day we went and saw an old ami and visited with him and he is going through a lot of hard times so we were able to give him a blessing. Please pray for him.

Then that night we taught English class which went very well! I was a very busy Wednesday but it was Awesome 🙂

Thursday was another great day! We met with the coordinate again and he hadn’t received an answer to his prayer yet and he was seeming a little bit discouraged but we had a really great lesson. We taught the Gospel of Christ and why we need to do certain things in this life to return to our Heavenly Father, he really liked the lesson and we challenged him with a Baptismal date for the 14th of February.  He  ACCEPTED!! He said if he knew by then he would be baptized by the proper authority.

That night we actually got to do something that is new and really cool! We went to an after school program to help children with their Homework! It was very fun to help children learn English and to help them with their French Homework too. We are actually planning on going back next week to help again, which will be a lot of fun.

Friday, we said a number of prayers for our amis and I prayed really hard for the Coordinate ami.

Saturday gets exciting!  As now we play soccer with people every Saturday morning because it has been warm. Like 45_55 degrees most days this last week. We are starting to play every week on Saturday.  Then as we were walking we recieved this text “Dieu M’a Repondu que Le Livre De Mormon est Vrai!” which means……………. God answered me that the Book of Mormon is true!.

We freaked out and jumped for Joy right in the street! It is amazing! I feel so happy and humbled to know that it was not me that did it. I needed the Help of God with alot of Prayers that he was given a response! It is so amazing to be here in France doing the Lords work.

Seeing how this Gospel changes lives is such a blessing to me, from the moment we meet someone I can see their life start to change and have more hope and light, I am so grateful for this.

We had two HUGE miracles that happened on Sunday !!

So few weeks ago we gave a blessing to a very old man in the hospital, who was the father of a recent convert. He was 99 years old and was having some very serious medical issues. He was on oxygen and couldn’t talk or move really at all. His daughter came to church again and I was talking to her, and it turned out that his 100th Birthday was on the 31st of December, and he was able to celebrate it comfortable at home! He is better! It is such a strong example of this Restored power! I am so thankful and humbled that I can act in the Lords name and according to faith, the Lord can heal people though me.

The second one is similar to the first but I was not involved. There was a young woman at church that fell and was in a lot of pain and she was having number of medical problems and it was not good. She was laid in a classroom and she was sweating like crazy and she said she felt really cold. Some of the Brothers at Church gave her a blessing and in just 20 minutes she was COMPLETELY back to normal! Smiling and playing with her sisters. It was truly a miracle, the mother was overwhelmed.

So this week I am so thankful for Miracles here on Earth Today!

Love to all of my Family and Friends,

Elder Peterson 


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