The Lord Is Good

Bonjour a tous!
j’espère que tout est bien!
I hope all is well!

This has been another really great week in the Mission Field! Unfortunately, I forgot my planner today, so I will try to remember everything that has happened this week!

This was a really great week! On Tuesday we had zone conference, that means that President was in town and we were able to do interviews with him about our progress, goals and what we were planning on doing to achieve them.

The subject for our zone conference was DELIGHTIFICATION. This means that we need to become and be a more delightful person. The goal of the mission is to help others and how we help others is through life skills. Being delightful will help us for the rest of our lives. He spent quite a bit of time on it so we have really talked alot about it as a district and companionship.

We read the story of Joseph who was sold into Egypt as a slave and how he rose to power in the house where he worked but then he was cast into prison. In prison he had alot of love and compassion for his fellow prisoners and he really cared for them and he was a very delightful person, so much so that he was put in charge of the Prison! Still as a prisoner he helped many pêople, then he bagan to help other prisoners interpret their dreams he did this with humility, because he understood that it is by the Power of the Lord that he was able to interpret the dreams.

He helped the Pharaoh and became second in command by being very kind and loving and humble. We studied the attributes of Christ and we found that Joseph in Egypt exhibited some of those same attributes. That is our goal with delightification, to be pleasent and loving to all no matter who they are or what they do to you.

This week we had some RDV’s with our amis but many of them were busy!

We have a new ami who we met when contacting in the park and he is very cool! He is kind of Buddhist but he is not committed to anything! He had some really great spiritual conversations on our diffrent beliefs which is so cool because all of it is just a different way of saying that same thing! I truly believe that all truth connects and there are alot of truths that have been found that are just other testimonies of God! It is all going really great here in Montpellier!

There have officially been only 5 days that have felt like winter and this week had 2 of them! 🙂 It has been raining for the last 2 days and it is pouring today! Usually here when the sun comes out all I need is a sweater and scarf! It is great! I could really get used to this climate!

The people here are really great! I had said that last week we went to help a bunch of Children avec leur devoir (with their homework) and we did it again this week! It is very fun. It is just a free afterschool program that is run by volunteers and it is a lot of children that do not have much. I really like helping them learn english! Which benefits me when i help them with French devoir i learn to improve my French quite a bit. That makes me very happy. We have had the Englight class also this week which we do 2 times every week! Saturday and Wednesday, we have been averaging teaching 6 people every class and we have one woman who has been coming for 4 weeks and her english is improving so fast! We are very excited for her.

Yesturday at church Elder Adamson gave a talk and we had 6 amis at church!! The other 2 equips (companionships) had some also! We had about 12 non-members at chruch to hear him give his talk and it was super awesome! He gave a very great talk and our amis really liked it! We have been seeing alot of Progress and we can see the Lord helping these people along the way.

Then last night we visited a member who was sick and we made her dinner and we ate there with her family. Then after dinner she asked for a blessing because she was sick. This time she asked ME to say the blessing!!!!! I was more than a little nervous. but I gave her the blessing all in French! She stood up after and she was soooooo happy! She said that she had alot of things on her mind that morning and that she was worried about a alot of things but what I said in the blessing helped her alot and confirmed to her what she should do! Super cool because I do not remember what I said so it must have been the Spirit speaking through me!

Anyway! I love you all so much and I hope all is well for you this week! Thanks for reading! I would love to hear from you!


Elder Peterson


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