The Church is a Great Big Family!

Bonjour à toute ma famille et les amis de la belle Montpellier France!


I hope you are all doing well back in NH especially with all the winter weather you have been having there!

Everything is going very well here in Montpellier!  This week, it has been an interesting week for me because I had the responsibility of introducing my new companion to the ville and to all the members this week.  I have noticed that my French has improved immensely this week! The first couple days I had the cell phone for the companionship because Elder Martinez was still getting used to the ville.  That meant that I was having to make phone calls in French and send texts in French. It was quite the experience and I have been very proud of myself with the use of the language.

The language is only one part but it is a huge part that I finally feel I am overcoming. Although I still make a lot of mistakes and I am not fully fluent but I make it by.

Last week I made American Burgers with our amis E and JM and I taught them how to make them real American! We had a great time. Because of that this week, E taught us how to make Chinese food! Not American Chinese, like real Cantonese. We made soup and this really good Chinese chicken! Afterward, we had a really good lesson with her about prayer.  I know I have said this before but it is so interesting to teach someone from China, with no background in religion. We taught her about prayer and the power of prayer to accomplish things in our lives. Additionally we spoke about having a great personal relationship with your Father in Heaven.

Guess what the Famille R did? We helped them move their belongings into that house that we have been working since I got here. They have been so nice and thankful for all the work that we have been able to do for them. Another member said this at service the other day, “Isn’t the Church Great?” The more I think about it, we are like a big family here. If anyone needs help we are there for them, if they need a blessing, a babysitter a friend, a handyman, someone to look up to, I have been able to find all that here in the église de Jésus-Christ Des Saints Des Derniers Jours.  I feel so blessed to be part of this that I can help these people in their adventure of life. It’s not always easy to be in this life. but I know that as long as we have each other and the Lord that its going to be alright!

This week we went to visit soeur G and she made us a very yummy lunch and her house is like a castle! We have been helping her since she get back from her trip to the USA, because she is alone in the Big house but she is doing well.


We have had some Tombez vous this week (a rendezvous where the people cancel or do not show up).  But!!!! all is well, and we are really working hard to meet a lot of people and get a good group of amis. We were going through the area book from a couple years ago and we found a name of this man who met with the missionaries before. Apparently he lived next to missionaries in Italy. The notes said that he speaks English, so I called him and talked to him in English and he seemed pretty excited to practice english. We got a RDV with him and we visited him and he is very nice, he has family in the US and speaks perfect english. We found a Copy of the Book of Mormon in Italian for him which we will give him this week!

I have learned a lot about people being here.  There are so many different cultures here and we meet so many people everyday.  It is such a cool opportunity. We have amis from Albania and the Congo and Benis ( a little african country) and from China, Italy, Spain and the Dominican Republic! I love it here in Montpellier! It is a big university town so there are students here from all over and it gives me a wide variety of experiences.

Also I met a man here from NY who works at NYU and is here for a study with some British professors,

It is so cool, this World is Beautiful! 🙂  I am just in such a great mood today!!!!!!

With my new companion, Elder Martinez we have been able to talk to some Spanish people and really touch people’s lives here! Some members invited us over and we looked through their genealogy. They come from Spain and it is so interesting. She is working on learning spanish because she has to go through old records in Spanish.

Thank you all for your Love, support and especially your Prayers!

I came across this talk during my studies this week and thought that you would enjoy it. .  It is a great talk that is Life ChMontanging about Grace!

Love Elder Peterson


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