Je suis content maintenant d’être ici en Montpellier a ce moment!

Bonjour encore!

Sensationnel ça fait un petit moment! Je suis content maintenant d’être ici en Montpellier a ce moment!   Nous avons le soleil.

It has been a GREAT WEEK here in Montpellier! This week we have actually had quite a bit of rain but it is going very well.  I am so thankful for all the things I have been able to accomplish this week with Elder Martinez that is of help to these people!

On Monday we did our normal P-day (Preparation Day) stuff like shopping for food and emails and of course, cleaning. In the evening we had planned to go Porting (door to door contacting) but then we got a call from some members that they needed us to do some service and in turn we would have Pizza. So off we went to the Family C’s and finished our day with them.  They are super awesome people and they are American-ish so our visit is in English which is very cool for me!

On Tuesday we went wandering the Streets to do contacting and using our questionnaire. It was worked out well as we talked to a lot of people and also were able to promote the English class that we teach twice a week, which was good. We had an RDV cancel so we went to our Ward list and grabbed a bunch of addresses of some of the less actives, that we had not had the opportunity to meet, to talk them. As we went to find these less active members we ended up travelling all around montpellier looking for the addresses. We had a number of conversations with people on the way and it didn’t seem like we were having much success. However, I know that we influenced some peoples lives and even touched a heart or two!

Then that night we went and visited a recent convert named “B”. We had a really good meeting! He has only been a member for a little less than a year and already has the Melchizedek Priesthood. He is young, 22, and he is now eagerly preparing for a mission. It was a very great time to bear testimony to him about how a mission can be a huge blessing and about how fun it is!

Wednesday was another Great day! We had our French class with JM and it was really good! He taught us some common French expressions that make no sense if you translate them but they have a significant meaning here. One is “trouver le pot des rose” means to find the pot of roses but it is very much like the english expression “to find the skeleton in the closet”.

There are a lot of different things like that, which I like alot. We went over those and talked a bit about the Holy Ghost.  I love the lessons because I learn so much French. I get to practice and have the opportunity to get corrected by a real French guy! We have a new sister missionary in the ville. soeur Anderson who is from Denmark. She speaks perfect english but is just learning French as well, so she really likes the french class too.

After French class I went on exchange with Elder Erramouspe who is one of the Zone Leaders in the other companionship in Montpellier. We didn’t have much time to go home and eat so we went to a boulangerie really quick and bought some amazing little pastries with goat cheese and tomatoes!  Did I tell you, I LOVE THE FOOD HERE SO MUCH!  Just a side note lol! Then we went and taught P who is from Albania and had a really good lesson! She is very smart and she has studied the Book of Mormon quite a bit and she said she knows it is true. This made me very happy.

Then we taught English class and it was also really good! We only had like 5 people but I am now the teacher! It is so cool to teach! To see them learn and to progress so much, is just amazing to me. They all really like me as a teacher so that also makes me happy!

On Thursday we went to Sète, which is a little city by the sea. I posted a picture a couple weeks ago, but we went there again and had a great visit with some members there and then we went to walk around and do some contacting before our next RDV.  I love Sète so much! It is so beautiful and it is right on the water of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. There is always a great breeze and it smells of the sea which I absolutely love! It really makes me want to come back after my mission is complete and go sailing here! Another cool thing here is there are flamingos! Like bright pink flamingos! I had never seen a live one but on the way to Sète, in the marshes that we pass there hundreds! It is super cool! Anyway, we contacted for a little while, then we went to another members house to visit with them. They had a friend coming over who had been to church a couple times. When we got there and watched the restoration video and then taught a lesson about the restoration and about prayer and the power of prayer! It went really well!  So well that he came to church this week! I will call him “A” and he is very nice. He is from Turkey but he has been here for about 30 years, since he was a teenager, so he speaks French perfectly, unlike me. 🙂

Then we caught a train back to Montpellier and went to another members house who was also going to have a friend over so we could teach him to pray. Unfortunately, their friend couldn’t come but they needed help moving furniture. We helped them and then they drove us home and bought us wraps! Well let me write a little something about our favorite wrap place. It is literally a hole in the wall of a building and they only have like 10 different items on the menu, and they are all wraps. They are the most amazing wraps you will ever eat! They are 5€, which is pretty cheap by French standards. I get the Indian. It comes with curried chicken and eggplant and lettuce and tomatoes and then they put in a big handful of French Fries! It is sooo… good! 🙂 We had zone training this past Friday and we all ordered them. Like for 24 missionaries :):) They are amazing!

Friday, we went to the Gare to get all the missionaries for the Zone training and bring them to the church. Then we had zone training and we learned about this new questionnaire that we are will be using about the family. We ask people about their family and talk about how the family is important to God! It is so amazing as everyone loves to talk about their families. We have been able to have great conversations, give out the links to the Website for genealogy and also copies of the Book of Mormon.

Then on Saturday Morning, we went to a Meeting with our super awesome DMP (dirigent missionnaire de Paroisse) and we discussed the work in Montpellier. We discussed how we can get help from members and what we need to do to improve our missionary efforts here in Montpellier. It was a super awesome meeting. Afterward, we helped a women clean the chapel for an hour or so. It was really a nice opportunity to help her. When we were done we went home and ate lunch. After lunch we headed back to teach our English class,and it was a very good time as always! After English class, we stayed and did our weekly planning for the next week!

All is good here this week! I would love to hear from everyone! I dont have a lot of time, so I cannot always respond right away, but I would love to hear any and all bon nouvelle!

Je vous aime!

Elder Peterson

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