No way…It can’t be… this transfer period is almost half way over…..

This is the 'Gare' in Montpellier, France.
This is the ‘Gare’ in Montpellier, France.


Wow! this transfer period is already half over with Elder Martinez here in Montpellier! I dont know what will happen with the next transfers — but I am sure that Lord has great plans. I love Montpellier so much, the ville is amazing and the ward here is super awesome too! This week was a good week and we had great weather too! Well after seeing all the weather back home, I think all weather is great here!

On Monday, we had a pretty normal P-day and then in the evening, we went back into Missionary Mode to do some contacting and to bring a Livre de Mormon to one of our new amis from Italy. We call him D and he is really cool. He is a doctor and he travels a lot for work, so we stopped by just really quick to give him one before he left on a trip this week. It went really well! We teach him in English because he is fluent, so it is nice for me!

Then Tuesday we woke up to a beautiful Morning, so we went contacting in a park and had some great conversations with people about their families. We shared how families are sacred to God. It was a really great Morning!

Wednesday, we had a little get together snack with our Neighbors and we talked with them for a while over cheese and bread (France is wonderful, BTW). The wife is a member of the church and she is very active but the husband, although a member, does not come to church anymore. However, they are like the nicest people! They own our apartment and I call them my French Mom and Dad. 🙂 They have told me, they are amazed at how much I have improved in French since I got here! It is so cool and although I still make mistakes, I am a lot more comfortable with it all. I really love the French language and the French people so much!

After that, we went looking for the less actives on the ward list. We got about 4 addresses and went out searching for these people, as it turns out all 4 of them have moved away! Someone had to go looking and well at least now we know. 🙂 It was a good experience and good exercise anyway! I am happy and actually on the way home I had the opportunity to talk to a really nice family on a tram. I am sure I brightened their day, so it was definitely worth it! There are so many miracles that we experience, which seem so insignificant in the moment.  When even just a smile on a rainy day can change a day and ultimately even change a life. I am very grateful! After that I taught the English class and it was good, all my students are progressing very well.

The little city by the ocean, Séte.
The little city by the ocean, Séte.
The water is so clear!!!
The water is so clear!

Thursday we headed back to the little city by the ocean, Séte. It was a wonderful time, we went to see our ami “A” who lives out there. We teach him at a members home and have a lesson with our ami there. It went really well! “A” is from Turkey, but he has been in France for a long time. We went to the members house for lunch before the lesson but just as we got there and received a text from “A” who said he was sick and could not come. We responded and said that if he would come that we would give him a Priesthood blessing. Guess what –he came! 🙂 🙂 🙂 We had an excellent lesson and we gave him a blessing after the lesson. He was very thankful and it was a super cool experience.

Then we rushed back to the ville to have a RDV with “L” who is from the Dominican Republic and we visited with her and had a great time. We explained why we are here and gave her a Libro de Mormón (Spanish) which she was thankful for. She lived in the US so she speaks perfect english and we teach her in english. She told me that when I speak French that I sing my words. 🙂 🙂 She said that I look so American, she knew we could talk on the tram. 🙂 We had a great first visit and set up another RDV for next week!

Then right after her visit, we went to another RDV with a Less active member from the Congo. He showed us pictures from when he was in the church choir in the Congo, it was really cool and we talked a lot about missionary work and always sharing with your Friends.

Friday we had the French class with “JM” and it went really well! He is so cool, we practiced French by telling stories about our lives and it went really well! Did I tell you — I love the French language! I make less mistakes every day. 🙂 After our class, we went and had a RDV with “P” from Albania and we talked to her about Moroni chapter 7, because she had just read it. She is so smart, she could basically quote the whole thing! We talked about Charity and Love and Repentance. It was a wonderful lesson and she really seems to understand the message!

Getting Exercise --- Soccer with the District
Getting Exercise — Soccer with the District

Saturday Morning, We had soccer with some Friends which was super fun! I got to wear my new cleats, that were a gift from Martin and Jaquie! 🙂 We played for about 2 hours and it was a lot of great exercise! After that we went home real fast to eat and shower and off to English class we went. There was a new man in attendance and he was a little frustrating. I kept my calm but he was not the easiest student. He took the class on a 20 minute sidenote about how he cannot understand my accent because I am American. He does not mind my French accent but my English! (That must be my New England accent, Ce la vie)! he just kept complaining and I had to continually repeat everything in French. (I do the class in English because I learned French in French) Anyway, I was just frustrated because we lost 20 minutes just talking about accents. I am seriously sure that they teach children here that English in Britain and and American English are 2 different languages, entirely.

After the class we went contacting for a little and then headed back to the Church for P90x! Wow, we worked out a lot! On the way to church the bus was stopped and there were probably 3000 people in the road wearing crazy stuff and masks and not real clothes. They had music blaring and were dancing in a huge mosh pit! It was super crazy! All trams were stopped for almost 20 minutes. It is the largest party I have ever seen! Welcome to Mardi Gras! It was crazy!

Sunday Morning we went off to church without a problem and we found out that “A” was feeling so much better after the blessing that he came to church! It was a very nice surprise and we had a nice visit with him! Then one of the Sisters, amis named “E” who I have known for a while, was in need of a blessing to help her stop smoking and to resist that temptation. She had asked me to give the blessing! I gave her a blessing in French and it was a very special opportunity! She is super awesome and she has a her baptismal date set for the 21st of March! Please keep her in your prayers.

Then, we spent the evening with the Family “B” and we had a little american pancake party which was a great time! I had the honor of making the pancakes! We made a huge mountain of them and we had a huge fresh jar of nutella at the ready!

I love you all! thank you so much for reading!

Till next week…..
Elder Peterson


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