La Grippe….Dizziness…Chills…Cough…Sniffle…UGH…

Bonjour à tous mes amis!
This week has been very interesting.
As I told you last week, I gave one of our amis who was sick, a blessing…. Well, he had the Flu which here is called La Grippe……… over the next couple days I started getting sore all over and stuffy and getting a really sore throat, so I have the Grippe and it sucks!
Well it has not been too bad and today I am almost all the way better. Here is a recap of my exciting week of sickness.
Monday night I started to feel a little woozy, so we retired a little early and I slept most of the night.
On Tuesday we went to Sète to see our ami and we taught him along with the Family C and sister C was also sick.  The lesson went really well for us and he learned a lot and he said he should was ready for his baptismal date for the 14th! Ce est tellement génial et nous sommes très heureux! (See Elders do the Happy, Happy dance!)  We then headed back to Montpellier and had the P90X activity at the church. However, not feeling 100% I sat off to the side and studied, so it was just kind of a relaxing night.
Wednesday Morning I woke up on time but had not slept well at all!  We went to see our ami JM for the French class and I had a really great conversation with him. My companion wanted to play piano, so I had private lesson with me speaking French for almost an hour and I only made like 2-3 mistakes! It was completely incredible! I had such a good experience. I was able to converse on the subject of prophets. I explained the prophetic dispensations that take place in the bible and we had a really great conversation…. IN FRENCH! 🙂 I really love it here and I love the French language!  After that we met our ami E at the gare and we walked to a cafe to have smoothies and teach her a lesson and it was super good! She just came back from another trip to Spain so she was able to talk to Elder Martinez about all her trip which was cool.
Then after we went pick up some missionary supplies from la poste.  After bringing those back to our apartment, we went to go teach english class. However, at this point I really began not feeling well. I called the mission nurse and she said to cancel English and to go straight to the pharmacy to buy some”oscillococcinum”.  OK, let me just say that is the longest named drug in the entire store! 🙂 I got that and stopped at a market to get ginger and lemons to make tea and some vaporub and some eucalyptus for steaming my nose. 🙂 I went a little overboard so I could be sure to get better because we had a 3pm Train on Thursday to go to Nice for a conference! After, brewing my tea, steaming my nose and rubbing down my chest, I  just went to bed and slept, pretty well, all night. On Thursday after waking up a few times for tea, I was feeling a bit better managed to make the train to go to Cannes. This is where we stayed for the conference in Nice, CANNES IS SO COOL! We went to the Boardwalk in Cannes and saw the beach and a lot of the stuff for the Film festival which was really cool to see! Cannes is a beautiful city on the side of the ocean!

Then Friday morning we went to the gare in Cannes to take a 30 minute train to Nice and we got there and took a bus up to the church!  Wow, Nice is beautiful! and the church building is way up on a hill on the side of a small mountain and it is all white and beautiful. It is like a little temple on the hill.  We had our Zone Conference with President Roney and it was super nice and really cool and fun!


President talked about a verse two verses in John:

24 If I had not done among them the works which none other man did, they had not had sin: but now have they both seen and hated both me and my Father.

25 But this cometh to pass, that the word might be fulfilled that is written in their law, They hated me without a cause.
The last line is striking because it is the Savior speaking and he was hated, without cause. The president talked about how when something is of God, the Devil works hard against it and those who share it.  There was no reason for anyone to hate Jesus. He spent his life healing people, he brought people back to life and he performed many miracles during his time on Earth. As I pondered this, I realized how many times I have seen cases like this. I am here in France, sharing the gospel and doing service. I may helping an old women in her garden or helping a new family move or teaching someone who wants to better their life, yet after doing any of these things, I can get on a bus and be confronted by a women will get in my face and tell me I am a liar and a thief, and that I am disgusting. She will tell me I need to go back to my country. She HATES me without cause. It justs proves that I must be doing the right things here! It shows that because there is no cause that there must be evil involved. Satan and his angels are working on her and all the people that hate me for doing this work. I have never understood why people hate Mormons all the time.  Is it because we smile so much? Because we are good neighbors? Maybe because we invited you to church? Those are not any good reasons to hate. I have really realised that if people hate me or the hate church just because we are doing good things that we must be true Church of God, because the Devil has always works to knock down the Lords Church. This knowledge just gives me more motivation to work even harder to share his message.
After the president talked we were watched the movie Meet The Mormons! It was super super super good! I suggest you watch it if you have the chance. Then we went back and did some street boarding in Cannes (that is talking to people on the street and has nothing to do with skateboarding or longboarding) which was fun but very hard because I was still so stuffed up! It is very hard to speak French with a stuffy nose!
We headed back to Montpellier on Saturday morning and Elder Thompson who is also from Montpellier was also sick.  Our companions went on an exchange on Saturday afternoon together and left both Elder Thompson and I to rest and recover in our Apartment. 🙂 That  lasted until this Morning. Both of us actually missed church because we slept through it.  We have both been really sick and spent time sleeping and studying wrapped in blankets and drinking hot liquids for like 3 days!
I am FINALLY feeling better now! Today, is Elder Martinez Birthday so we all went out as a district to an American bagel shop and it was amazing!  The weather here today, feels like late May in NH so I feel great!
Tout le monde se il vous plaît priez pour ne plus la grippe pour l’un des missionnaires!
I love you all!
Elder Peterson


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