Bonjour a tous!

Now I get it — They say time flies when you are having fun… but this is crazy!

It feels like only 2 days ago that I was sitting in this internet cafe writing a letter home, but NO! that was 7 days ago!

This Transfer period ends this week…. WHAT!?!? it just started, I just want you all to really know that time really goes faster than the speed of light when you are having fun!

As I said the this transfer ends this week which means that this Friday I will find out if I stay in Montpellier or if I head for another city! Needless to say, I am full of mixed emotions about it, because I truly love Montpellier so much and the Members here are so cool and very nice. However, at the same time it would be super cool to live in a different ville. Anyway I am at a little crossroad as to what I hope will happen! I do know that whatever happens it will be the will of the Lord and will be the best thing for me and for all the people I may be able help either spiritually, mentally, or physically.

This week our ami A dropped us. It was extremely strange because all the lessons had been going very well and he had a set baptismal date for this Saturday. Everything was been going Great! He had been coming to church every week and it was great… but then the other day he called us and said he wanted to stop taking the teachings and that was it — it was over. We did learn that he had been taught by the sisters here in Montpellier last year and he had dropped them in the exact same way. It was pretty upsetting because we could see how his life was improving and how he was becoming happier and then he just does that. All we can do is pray for him and hope he calls us to start up again. Please pray for him.

On Monday last week after sending emails I just finished getting over le grippe and slept. 🙂

Tuesday we got up and did our studies for the 3 hours. That consists of one hour of Personal study then one hour of study together then one our of language study! Then we went out to do some contacting in a park with the subject centered on family and it was really good!

After that we had a lunch appt with Soeur C and she had invited some friends who are originally from spain, (Elder Martinez is Spanish and they could talk) and she made a really good african peanut beef over rice! It was really great and she also made one of the best cheese plates I have had here! She always has a lot of different cheeses for us! It was a really good time and my French improved, which is nice!

That evening we went to do P90X at the church, wow was it hard! Since I had been sick all week I didn’t really have the strength I needed, but I did it anyway!

Wednesday was a good day we got up and did our studies and then went out to buy some things for the other Elders because they were sidelined with Le Grippe and were on quarantine for a few days! We went and got them some yummy soup and tissues and brought them to their apartment before heading to a park to do some contacting,

After contacting we went home and went through all the old papers for the old amis in the area and we wrote down a bunch of addresses so we could pass them. Then we went our address hunting for a little while contacting people along the way!

Then we went back to the church so I could teach the English class. It went well and I am seeing even more progression in my students! It is super cool to be a teacher here.

Thursday Morning, we had our District Meeting here but because the other Elders were sick it was just the sisters and us. We did a lot of Role plays to practice the new questionnaire and the transition into teaching or into the genealogy website. It was really good and I learned alot! It is amazing for us as a missionaries to role play as it improves our teaching skills so much!Then we went out to the Wrap place here in town for Lunch after the meeting which was super good!


After that we went and put our new skills to the test and did some solo contacting where Elder Martinez and I split up in a park and talk to different people near each other at the same time and it went really well! I ended up giving away a book of Mormon! I really believe in this new questionnaire! it really helps us and I know it is inspired!

That night we went to a less active womans house her name is Soeur T and she is super awesome and super funny and quick on a joke, like an American! I have found it quite hard to find a funny French person who is quick on a joke and always on their toes ready to play along. 🙂 so it was really nice to visit with her and her Boyfriend, the cutest little girls named Margo and Matilda! They are adorable and French and chubby!

Friday we did our studies and then we had Lunch and went to visit the other Elders. We needed to pick up some Brochures at their apartment, boy were they miserable just being stuck inside, sick together! Then after that we went to a nice sunny park to make some calls and kind of fill up our next week with appts with the members, It was a beautiful day to speak French over the phone. 🙂 I cannot believe how much my speaking French has improved! Writing French is still hard but speaking is getting so much better and now I can really talk to people!

Then we went to visit a less active who we have helped become almost fully active now! It is super cool and he is having us over for dinner tonight. He is From the Congo and is in school to become a pilot!

In the evening, we went to the church for the P90X again! always hard but ça và!

Saturday we went and had a Meeting at church in the Morning with our Ward Mission Leader and we are so excited with the development of the programs. After we went to play soccer at a field near the church! It was really fun and we had like 10 people. I was able to score 3 goals! 🙂 I am getting quite a bit better when playing with the Europeans! I am definitely not quite at their level but I am getting better!

Getting Exercise --- Soccer with the District
Getting Exercise — Soccer with the District

We then ran home real fast to have a quick bite for lunch and get showers and change for English class at 3. We actually had a member who wanted to learn Spanish with Elder Martinez so he was teaching her while I taught English. It was really good and I had alot of fun!

In Matthew 11 28-30 We are told: Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

Christ will take your pain and he will help you in your difficulties!

This week has been really great and I cannot believe it is already gone!

Je vous aime!
Elder Aaron


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