A Week of Surprises!!!

Hello everyone!

This week has played out a little differently than planned as is normal here in Montpellier!
Lundi Soir, We had a RDV with a member here who is training to become a pilot who is from the Congo! He made us dinner in his little studio student apartment and we held a little family home evening there with him which was really good. Then we were able to watch conference with him and share the meal! I was very happy with how the evening played out. Africans are amazing cooks!!!
Tuesday was an absolute amazing day and it was a day I will remember for a very very long time. The morning began very normally with us doing all our studies and getting ready for the day. Then began by working on contacting implementing the new questions about family history.  The most wonderful thing happened when EVERY SINGLE conversation encountered turned into an amazing lesson! We were able to find 2 people who want to learn more and one who is now coming to both soccer and english class! Talk about being on a spiritual high! Everything was going very well for me and I felt like I had angels by my side helping me touch the hearts of these people.
Later that day we had a RDV set up with a member who is very old and cannot come to church due to health problems. He lives a little outside the ville so we gave ourselves some extra time and took off to the terminus of the tram line.  We went as far out of the city as it goes and then we walked for about 20 minutes to get to his house. (it was probably 1 and a half miles from the tram) We arrived and I buzzed the apartment and his nurse answered. I introduced myself as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter_day Saints and she said “On est pas intéressés” which means we are not interested. Quizzically, I was like…. wait what!?!? So I buzzed again to tell her that she has not understood and that we had been invited and she did not answer so I called brother M and he didn’t answer.  Then I buzzed for the 3rd time and she answered clearly aggravated and said BONJOUR!, so i said “Désolé madame, mais vous avez mal compris, il nous a invités” ( Sorry miss, but you didn’t understand, he invited us).  She was soooooooooo embarrassed, 🙂 she kept saying “toute mes excuses!” 🙂  Anyway we went up and she said sorry like 100 times and then she left us with the man.  He is one of the most amazing people I have ever met.  We sat down and discussed the gospel with him and he is very nice. He has been a member for about 50 years and he was previously a bishop. He has a super strong testimony of the church of of Jesus Christ. I am so happy I had the opportunity to meet him. The conversation we had with him has changed the way I look at my past and how I am approaching my mission.  I will forever be grateful for that conversation with him that beautiful spring day.
I have pondered deeply about why I speak was able to speak French already when no one in my group can really understand and speak as quickly as I could. I wondered why — and I have found part of the reason, I needed to be able to speak and understand brother M the other day. It changed a lot for me as I approach the work out here and gave me a new energy and appreciation for this missionary work at this time and in this place.  I know that the Lord prepared me for that and I am so grateful!
The big question for the week was will I be transferred or will I be staying here………………………. the answer is!!!!!  I AM STAYING IN MONTPELLIER!  I am here for my 4th transfer. I could not be happier!  I know that there is more for me to do here and I am ready to work hard!  However, Elder Martinez was transferred. I was only able to serve with him for a mere 6 weeks! My new companion is named Elder Mattinson and he is from Washington in the tri-city area! He is a really nice guy and a very hard worker.  I am really excited to get to further the work of the Lord in Montpellier during this transfer with Elder Mattinson.


This week has been great! I love you all and I am sorry I could not write much this week! I have a lot to do today so I apologize! and I promise I will send photos soon!

Je vous aime!
Elder Peterson

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