Find the Mole…

Wow! Encore le temps passe trop vit!

Hello everyone!
As you know by now, I have gotten a new collègue (companion) Elder Mattinson. He is from Washington! This week has been an awesome week together!
Elder’s Peterson and Mattinson in Séte!
We have started as a companionship from the moment we met is to work on unity, so we can have a better teaching dynamic and a better friendship. It has been awesome. We have been doing a lot of role plays to practice teaching. A new technique we have been working on is something called “pop corning” which means we go back and forth a lot when talking to play off of each others teaching styles. This has helped us to make sure that we are both being included in the best way possible in our conversations with others. Already this week we have seen a lot of miracles just because of this unity we have established together!
Tuesday we had a great time with the St. Patricks Day lunch. We were really able to enjoy the time together and to get to know the new district. Over half the missionaries changed in the district with this transfer, so we took advantage of the situation and really got to know eachother a little better!
New District having St. Patricks Day Lunch!
After we went to a RDV with our ami P. We had an excellent lesson  and she told us she will be baptized in this church! However, she said that she wants to wait until she finishes her Master’s degree in May. She testified of her love of the Book of Mormon and that she knows it is true. It is really cool and we are super excited for her and for when she will be ready! Next it was off for some contacting in the evening before sitting down to plan for our week that night!
We got up and did our studies in the morning and then we went out to do some contacting before our RDV with E. Our contacting was going well and we got some people to smile!  It can been kind of sad here because you look around on the tram or on the road and everyone looks at the floor and looks sad. I set as one of my goals this week to be one of the most smiliest people on this earth! That day the contacting went well and I was able to see many of these people smile again. 🙂
Then we had a RDV with E. We went to “Le Jardin Des Plantes” which is a huge garden here with plants from all over the world. We walked around for a while there talking to her and then we sat down and taught her more about prayer and explained how it is like a language that you have practice in order to understand the answers. She shared that it has always felt weird to pray, so it was really good to talk to her about it. She then closed our meeting off with a prayer in Chinese which was very nice! I really was able to feel the spirit while I was there surrounded by those beautiful creations of God. 🙂
Contacting in Montpellier France
After that we had a Dinner appt with the Family T. The last time we were there she promised that she would be making something very French for our next visit and WOW was it FRENCH and BOY WAS IT GOOD!  She made a big dish of Boeuf borginaine! For those of you who don’t know that is beef and vegetables cooked in wine for over 2 days!!!! It was soooo yummy and sooo French. 🙂 She is super cool and we had a really great night with her family and we took time to read with her children out of the Book of Mormon Stories book! It was a really great time and you could feel her family growing closer together 🙂
Séte from the Observation Point
This was a day of Miracles!
We went back to the little ocean city of Séte for the afternoon but the members that live there were unavailable to see us. That meant we had a full day missionary work in the ville with no RDVs planned. We went out there and we walked around contacting for a little with no avail. We started walking up Mount St. Claire which is a little “mountain” in Séte with an observation point in the top. We headed towards there, but we didn’t know how exactly to get there.  We began walking uphill and we got lost but kept going uphill.  It took about an hour to get up there and we finally found it! It was stunning up there and there were alot of people up looking at the view! We were able to do some contacting up there and we kinda felt like we wasted a little time. (In actuality, it was just the Lord making sure our timing would work for what happened next) We went down and we found the path to get down to the bottom which takes only 10 minutes! Once we got down, I saw this girl and I started talking to her using the questionnaire because I felt like I should for some reason. She asked if we could walk to a place where is was more sunny to talk more! I said yes!! We walked like 30ft into the sun and i began talking to her and told her who we are and talked about the questions and Elder Mattinson asked what she knew about Mormons (which of course was all false info because we live in France and Mormons have a really bad reputation here) and we explained more and she seemed quite relieved. 🙂  We ended up talking for over 30 minutes and shared our beliefs and she was accepting all of it!  She had to leave, so we got her number and I gave her a Book of Mormon!! It was super cool and I am so happy it happened! Elder Mattinson and I worked really well together during the lesson and I am so thankful for that!
Elder Mattinson and I at the top! View of Séte from the Observation Point
After that, we prayed and thanked Heavenly Father for that miracle and we started walking again and we said Bonjour to an older man who we passed and he said “do we know each other?” I said not yet! 🙂  He laughed and we started talking to him about his family and he was saying that he is an atheist and that he doesn’t believe in God. He said there is no way that there could be a God if Hitler had done what he did. Elder Mattinson testified of justice and peace in the life to come and then the man was shocked and delighted. Then I asked more about his family and he started going back to thinking still that there could be no God. I began to tell him how families can be eternal and how he can be with them for the rest of forever! He tried to interrupt me a few times, but for some reason I didn’t let him. I went strong about all the beliefs and right after he said, lets meet again next week! Boy, was I happy! It was a super cool miracle and his heart was truly softened. 🙂
Well, I’m out of time.  I want to tell you I love you all! Thank you for all of the support!
Much love!
Elder Peterson

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