Bonjour Les Amis!

Wow it is sunny and warm here in Montpellier! It has been a steady 70 degrees and sunny every day! I have gotten so many tan lines already! It is going to look so bad at the end of summer! For example my neck has a line in the center from the collar of my shirt and my CTR (choose the right) ring has left a really white band on my finger. 🙂

This week has been really great, coming off of the weekend of spiritual enlightenment from General conference was the best way to start a week!

Monday of last week was actually really interesting because our washing machine broke. That meant we had to pack up all of the dirty clothes and get over to a lavery (I forget the name in english) to get all of the clothes washed. Since there are 4 elders in the apartment, it was going to take a little while. It took most of the afternoon which was fun. 🙂

Then Tuesday we had a a couple of people cancel their RDVs with us which was a little upsetting, but everything happens for a reason! Anyway we ended up doing alot of contacting and having some really good conversations out on the beautiful sunny day! One of my favorite lines to say when people reject me is “profiter bien du soleil aujourd’hui!” (Well, enjoy the sun today!), which they really like. Sometimes I can get a contact with them because they realize I am not mean or trying to force them to buy something. 🙂  Anyway, I end up saying that a lot to people. Montpellier has 300 sunny days out of the year which is amazing and I think I will definitely be back to visit after the mission. 🙂

That night we went to the Family I’s house for a little evening with them and apparently 20 minutes before that, Frere I, had seen our ami on the street and asked her to come too! What a surprise, we got there and one of our Amis was there. We had a great time and had dinner together and then we taught her about the Book of Mormon and gave her a copy of her own. It was a really cool experience and the spirit filled the room!

On Wednesday we got completed our studies and went out on the streets to find more people to teach! It was going really well and we had some good conversations and we even got some phone numbers of potentials. Then we taught the english class, which was awesome with some really cool people. We went over a big list of les verbe iregulier which was fun for us. 🙂 French people say there are alot of irreguler verbs in English but really in French there are like 1000 more. 🙂 Plus like 5 different past conjugations.  So if you are reading this, Good luck if you are trying to Learn French! It is very hard. 🙂 But ça và its not too hard especially if you live in the country and you have no choice!  I really recommend in country immersion!!

Then after English class,  we went and taught an ami, M. We taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ and it went really well, one of my favorite things about missionary work is testifying of truths that people had not known and then seeing peoples willingness to change and become inline with the Saviors teachings!

Thursday was interesting! Like pretty much all of our RDvs that we had planned, it fell through so we were going to do contacting and go knock doors or somthing for a few hours and then we’ got a call from the sisters because they needed help.  The insurance was sending someone to clean the walls and the floors of the appartment to remove all the soot from the apartment.  That meant that we had to go and throw away ALL of the bedding and mattresses from the apartment.  It was a huge apartment. 🙂  The sisters get spoiled.  We went and also threw out all of the food that was sitting in the fridge and alot of brochures and teaching materials too. 😦 The pipes are burnt through so there is no running water, it was a mess!  We went and helped them for a little while before going and showering to get back out for a planned RDV in the evening!

Friday was a really good day!  In the Morning we had a meeting with the Ward mission leader which was really fun and the we spent the evneing at a RDV with our ami K from the Reunion (a small french island in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar)! Just as an aside, a goal of mine is to go to the Reunion for vacation in the future! We met with her then we helped a member with a little funny video skit that he was making to finish the evening!

Saturday we went and played soccer in the morning with a bunch of people! It was a really great time. I have been improving so much! In Saturday’s game I got 2 goals and then as goalie I blocked 3! Super cool for me! Still I am not at the level of these any of these French or Arab people, but I am getting better than before!

Right after soccer our Ami K who I just spoke about made all the missionaries an amazing lunch! This really yummy asian noodle dish with a little reunion twist. 🙂 It was a really fun time! She is one of the nicest people I have ever met! Then after we had English class which was fun. We played with the past tense of verbs and made up stories!

In the eveing was a Talent show for the Ward here and the missionaires sang two songs! We sang Eternal est Notre Espace and Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing and it was super fun! Our DMP, the missionary leader is an amazing drummer and singer so the talent show was a really great time!!

Here we are singing Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing and Eternal est Notre Espace

Thats what I have for this week!

je vous aime!

Elder Peterson


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