Bonjour a Tous!

Elder Mattison, Elder Peterson and Member Ray, from the Congo.
Elder Mattison, Elder Peterson and Member Ray, from the Congo.

Bonjour Encore!

En fait le temps passe trop vit!
Ça fait q’une semaine mais pour moi je pense c’est ça fait 2 jours!
Donc cette semaine j’ai fait beaucoup de choses et c’etait très bien passe.
We spent Monday doing our normal P-day stuff, however, this week we got a new washer.  That meant that we didn’t have to go to the laundry mat again! YEAH!!!
We started off the day doing our full study period, which means 1 hour of personal and then 1 hour of companionship then 1 hour of Language study. Donc chaque jour on fait 3s des étude! Once we completed that we made lunch (I made a spicy peanut chicken).  Then we went out to do some porting. We took the Tram out of the city a little bit then walked for about 10 minutes to a neighborhood that called out for our attention.  When we got there, we found an older gentleman cutting his hedges. He had a beautiful home and a perfectly manicured garden. We walked up to him and said we were doing a little questionnaire in his neighborhood and we asked if he would like to participate. OK, this part scared me!  In his hand he has these big hedge trimmers and a really mean look on his face. He said to us “je sais qui vous etes et je suis pas de tout interesser” (I know who you are and I am not interested!)  He seemed really like he hated us and then I asked “on est qui?” –Who are we?  He said “vous etes les tèmoins jehova”  — You are those Jehovah witnesses! 🙂 :O :O  We looked at each other and laughed a little and said — Actually, we are not.  With this he dropped his arms and put a smile on his face and said well who are you? 🙂 🙂 We told him we are from èglise de Jèsus-Christ des Saints Des Denier jours. We had a really excellent visit and it turns out he has lived in Montpellier for 30 years and been married for 52 years! He was really nice and then when it came out that we are The Mormons, his demenor changed and he was very happy.  It turns out that his son uses the Church websites to do family history!  It was a really great to visit with him. 🙂  I am happy that I am not a JW here in France 😛
Then we buzzed the next house (fun fact about France is you have to buzz the houses from the gate because everyone has a fenced in and gated yard so you have to use the buzzer and sometimes talk through a speaker, which is annoying, but I have not seen one house where we go walk up to the front door!) We met another lady who is Protestant with a Catholic husband. She was super nice and we had quite a conversation with her about her parents and the good things that they had taught to their children.  Actually her mother was a widow with 7 children so she had an amazing admiration for her mother and all the things she had done! Something interesting about the contact with her is that when she discovered we are mormon she was kind of taken aback. We asked the often asked question in France “q’est-ce que vous connaissez de Les Mormons?” — what do you know about the Mormons — and just like many people we have met she thought we were Amish. 🙂  That we were not allowed to have cell phones or electricity, and not allowed to wear colors and that we live together in a community. Well boy was she suprised to find out that not only do we not live in communitys but my companion and I are from opposite sides of the United States and not only do we use technology, but we have the worlds largest online collection of family history records! 🙂  It is amazing what you can really learn when you ask of the source! Anyway, hopfully she looks on the website!
Then that evening we spent at the Family C’s house where we had Raclette and enjoyed time with their awesome family 🙂  We were able to watch a conference talk, which was super awesome.  This particular talk was about Music and about how the spirit and the experiences in the church give us a music in our heart.  The gospel message is the things we do, like keeping the commandments and dressing modestly and going to church. The reason we do the things that the gospel teaches is because we have the music in our heart. People can watch us and think we are wierd for dancing but it is only because they do know or hear the music. It is a very powerful message and something I really liked sharing with the family C 🙂
Montpellier France Ward Building
Montpellier France Ward Building
Then Wednesday we had district meeting in the morning with the other missionaires and we made baguette pizzas together afterward! It was great. 🙂 🙂
In the evening we had English class which went very well, actually, and then after we were able to meet with our Ami K and help to answer some of her questions about the gospel and about the Book of Mormon. 🙂
Both Thursday and Friday, we spent most of the day in Séte which I love! We did porting and some contacting and we were able to visit the members that live there and pass a nice moment or two, with them. 🙂
Saturday we went and taught a women some English in the morning before going and playing soccer with friends. We met a new friend named O who came with us after soccer to grab some lunch before going to teach English that afternoon, it was super cool!
That evening our Ami K made all the missionaires food again! She is soo nice and she made us some typical reunionise food which was sooooo spicy! It is awesome because finding any spice here is actually near to impossible! We ended the night with that dinner with friends and sharing a wonderful gospel message which was a created a super amazing moment!
I love you all! Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy my posts!
Elder Peterson

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