Transfer Calls!! Hit the Road Elder…..

Hello Everyone!!

I have great news but first I have to congratulate my Robotics Team, 1519 who is competing at the US First Robotics World Championships in St. Louis Missouri this weekend.  There will be 18,000 students on 800 teams from 40 countries competing! This team helped me become who I am today and for those opportunities and blessings, I am eternally thankful!!! Wishing Team 1519 great success in all their matches!  Go forth and Conquer…..

The Montpellier District with Three of our Ami's
The Montpellier District with Three of our Ami’s
Transfer calls …. We are all on the road
Montpellier is getting white washed which means we are all leaving and being replaced. My companion Elder Mattinson is going to Avignon and I am going to PERPIGNAN!
Thats the big news!  However, Perpignan is also being white washed so I will be meeting my companion there who is also completely new to the area. This means that we will need to figure out everything and including who the Ami’s are and even how to get to church! 🙂  Interesting times in the Mission field.
Love you all!
Elder Peterson


Brother “A” and Me
Elder Peterson and Ami
Elder Peterson and Ami “L”
Ami "E" and Me
Ami “E” and Me
Sister “G” and Me

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