Cette semaine était le meilleur! Cependant, il était aussi très triste.

Bonjour et meilleurs voeux à toute ma famille et les amis

Cette semaine était le meilleur! Cependant, il était aussi très triste. (This week was the best! However, it was also really sad.)

This week has over all been really great but it has also been a sad week with a big mix of emotions for me. I’ll go through the week like normal but there is a lot and I don’t have a lot of time, so we will see what I can get finished!
Last Monday I was in Montpellier and we had a great P-day which consisted of going to a store called kiabi which is basically Old Navy but French. Like old navy it was very cheap!! yay 🙂 I have been losing quite a bit of weight so many of my clothes do not fit me anymore!  I guess it is a good problem to have, but here in France it can be an expensive problem.  Thank goodness I have these older missionaires for me that really know the tricks to living here.
After the P-day activities, we had a Family Home evening with the R Family and with our Ami “O” which was a good time… until our ami began feeling sick and ended up getting sick and having to leave early 😦  It was sad but the members invited him back, so hopefully he will be able to do that with the new missionaries!
Tuesday was a very full day for us! We had a lot of goodbyes to say so we had a RDV with our ami P which was amazing! I have really seen how the Gospel has helped her life so much.  I see her eyes full of hope and love now. 🙂  She was able to bear her Testimony of the Book Of Mormon to me!!  That was a really cool experience.  To see someone that I had been teaching and that I had given a Book of Mormon was able to tell me of its truthfullness!
Afterward we went to visit a member to pass her and say goodbye her name is Soeur G and she is so amazing. In fact, she was one of the most amazing, strong and faith filled people I have ever met.  I had to stop by and say goodbye but when we got there,  the sisters were at her house doing service! 🙂 So since they were there we were allowed to go in and visit with her for a moment.  It was very special.  I am so thankful for the time I had and the people I met in Montpellier!
Next we went out with the Family C and the sisters to go get wraps for the last time at our favorite wrap place. It was really great to spend a little more time with that super amazing family!
Than after that we walked from there to our RDV with our ami “M” and we taught him about the importance of Prayer and Scripture study and about how he can recive Personal Revelation from God through prayer and study of the Scriptures 🙂
Wednesday was also really good! We received the Transfer calls and I found out that I would be moving to a new ville here in France.  I also found out that I would be white washing, so I would have no clue how to get places or who are members of the Church!
Right at that moment is when I started to pray for the City of Perpignan.  I prayed that I would be able to have good experiences there and that the members would be loving and that I could have a unity in purpose with my companion! That morning we went to meet our ami “L” in a park for a RDV, which was fun. We were able to testify to her and give her the challenge to read the LDM and to pray to know if it is true.  She knows that the Bible is the Word of God and she has a very strong testimony of the Bible. I am excited for her to test it out and pray to God and ask if the LDM is true too! Then we had a quick RDV with “JM” who I had not seen in a little while, so it was really nice to see him again. When I first met him I barely spoke 5 words in French and he had helped me so much and now I can kind of speak French!  I am very thankful for him and I have really fallen inlove with the French language!
After that we took off for the Church to have our english class which was really great. I was able to take a photo of it! I will try to attatch the photo 🙂
OnThursday it was a day of Friends and food!
In the morning I made some cookies to bring to the meals we had that day. We were invited to Soeur C’s house for Lunch with the other Elders and with 2 other members. She made a really good spanish dish with mussels and shrimp with rice and chicken.  We had a great meal with some really good Friends from Montpellier. 🙂
Then I went home to pack for a couple hours before going out again to have a dinner at the Church made by our ami “K” with our ami “T”.  They are the nicest people I have ever met and I already miss them so much!  They made food for all of us missionires! 6 of us plus them. 🙂 They are amazing, they made some really good food, some cheese rolls and these spicy fritter things for the appetizer. After that we had some really good chicken and rice from the Reunion island! Wow it was amazing! However, the best part was the time we had together. The Lord brought us all together and I am so thankful for that opportunity.  I have seen the growth that we have all made as amis here with the Lord and the gospel. These are all Friends that I will have forever in my life and I feel like the luckiest person on earth!
Then the Next day we took off on a bus to Lyon for a couple days. The entire mission was there together. We all met up at the church building in Lyon and had pizza and I was able to see alot of old friends including my old companions! It was amazing to see how much everyone in my group has grown spiritually and how we can all kind of speak French now! Then after we all broke to our diffrent hotels for the evening
Saturday we all went back to the church and had some Breakfast and then the Conference started! Wow it was an amazing conference! We had two of the quorum of the 70’s speak and they started training us on how we will be intergrating the iPads into our mission!  We do not have them yet but they have been shipped from the US, so they will be here really soon!
Than Sunday was quite interesting, I went to church in Montpellier because we all went there after the conference. We went to church, but I was a missionary for Perpignan. I was able to say some final good byes in church and then we hopped a train to Perpignan.  The trip was really great because I talked to this amazing women on the train who had been reading a book about faith. When I walked on the train and sat right across from her — she said she knew it was a sign so she dropped the book and started talking to me. 🙂 We had a great discussion.
Then I got an amazing first impression from the Ward here! Wow! The train rolled into the gare and there were 3 members standing at the door of our train when it opened, just to help us with our bags! They had 3 cars waiting for us and the sisters to bring us and our bags home! What an awesome welcome to a new area!!! It was great! The man who drove us is our DMP which is the ward mission leader here.  He started to bring us upto date with things going on in the area and then he dropped us off and we got into our new apt. Wow! It is in a beautiful neighborhood and is the best missionary apt I have ever been in.
Once we got there and started cleaning because it was left a little to dirty and I cannot focus in a dirty place. 🙂  So we cleaned and then got we a call from a member who said he is going to pick us up in an hour and bring us to meet a couple members so we can sit down and get to know each other for a little while! We did that and met these amazing members and all 3 of them were baptized in the past year!! They are all super strong members and they are all relatively new. They told us if we need anything to just ask, if we ever need a ride somewhere, that it isnt a problem at all! What super great people! Then we got back and our landlord and his wife came and met us and said hello. That was super nice of them, so basically we feel very much at home and very well received here 🙂
My new address is:
Elder Aaron Peterson
11 Rue de la Butte
66000 Perpignan
Well I have to go! I love you all! Write me soon
Elder Peterson

One thought on “Cette semaine était le meilleur! Cependant, il était aussi très triste.

  1. Hi AJ, Well it sure sounds like you are having a productive, wonderful learning and teaching experience in France.  I am proud of you, you have come a long way. 

    Enjoy your time and thank you for keeping us informed. Love and hugs,Sue

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