First week in the Ville du Perpignan!

Bonjour à toute ma famille et les amis!
This ward is super amazing! The DMP is super great and he has done alot of work to make this transfer easier for us! It is really great for us.
Mother’s Day is coming up next week and I AM SO EXCITED FOR SKYPE! I can’t wait to talk to you.  I believe we will be skyping around 6pm local time.  My memory card is being flaky — so no pictures this week. 😦

Wow, this was a full week! I don’t think I have the fingers to type out all the Amazing miracles we have seen during this great week!

First off,  My companion is Elder Huntsman and he is from Salt Lake City, Utah and he has been in the field about 7 months, just one more transfer than me!  We have really planned a lot to make this transfer one of learning together that we may become better missionaries than when we started. We have alot of goals with the language and with contacting and all around efficiency.

We have really been able to hit the ground running here which is wonderful as 2 missionaries who have about the same level of experience in a ville that we do not know!

Last Monday, we were invited to a members house and do some service helping one of their children move out. During that service, we were able to meet a lot of new people and start to get to know this ward! Let me tell you they are awesome! The Bishop picked us up to bring us to do the service. While we were there we found out that the person we were helping actually served in the Montreal mission when Tanner Pearson was there! Super small world! 🙂

That evening the Bishop invited us over for family home evening at their house along with the 3 sister missionaries here and we had a great time with them sharing pizza and a great spiritual thought!

Tuesday we went and did an RCM meeting at church to coordinate with our Ward Mission Leader which was super great because he has been very proactive in doing a lot of work to get us up to speed as fast as possible! This ward here is amazing when it comes to missionary work! They love all the the Amis at church and all they want to do is bring us to teaching appts and teach with us, all the time! They truly know the importance of their hard work as member missionarys and we are so grateful for that!

My companion and I have been working on developing more Christ-like attributes all week. Last week we were diligently working on the attribute of Faith and it was truly amazing!!

We have learned so much and have been amazed at how as we show our faith to our Heavenly Father, he provides so many miracles! One thing we have done is spiritual planning. This takes place every night as we plan for the next days activities and we seek for inspiration about what the Lord would have us do and then we PLAN FOR MIRACLES accordingly to what we have learned.  On Sunday night we planned for a lesson to take place at 2 pm and then on Monday at 1:49 pm we walked out of our apartment after lunch and within the next 10 minutes we were getting our 2nd phone number and started teaching this woman right in front of the Church! Then we invited her to the Famlily Home evening that we do at the church that night and she came!!!

The Lord is Great!

That night we planned for for the next day and we prayed and asked for Heavenly help and we recived the answer of a Man in a Blue Shirt!  We said ok, we will have a lesson with someone in a blue shirt, simple!

Next day!! WOW! MIRACLE CITY! We went out to do contacting and see a man with a blue shirt, but he just pushed us off and didn’t want to talk to us… guess it was the wrong shirt! Then not even 5 minutes later there is a biker sitting at a stop light in a blue shirt — lets try this again,  we say hello and tell him we are representatives of the church and we are doing a little survey and it turns out he Loves his Family!:) (that is what the survey is about) Then we talk about the church and he is super interested to learn more and we had a great lesson!  However, that is not all, throughout the entire day we had so many miacles from people wearing blue! That evening we were doing porting (door knocking) and we see a house, guess what it was a blue house!! bien sùr.  No way we are missing that one!  We ring the bell from the gate and she opens a window and says she cannot do the survey because her granddaughter is there and I said “wow! c’est geneial que ella est là parceque le soundage est sujet de la Famille!” She told us to open the gate and walk up to the window and at first she was not really wanting to do participate much, but all of a sudden the Spirit touched her Heart!  She told us she was Catholic and was not wanting to change, but than, close to the end of the conversation and our testifying, her demeanor changed and she said she was interested in knowing more and told us she is actually in the process of looking for a new church! 🙂  It was super cool!

I am rushed for time today — sadly times up.

je vous aime!

Elder Peterson


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