Happy Mother’s Day!! It was Skype day!!!

This was me talking to everyone on Mother's Day - 2015
This was me talking to everyone on Mother’s Day – 2015

Bonjour et la Bonne fête des mères à toutes les mères dans ma vie! Les mères qui ont élevé mes oncles et tantes et neveux et nièces et mes compagnons. Je vous aime Maman, Papa, Steve, Jaquie, Martin, Stacey, Todd, Quinn, Chelsea, Katelynn, Elahh et Hanaah.  Je suis absolument adoré parler à tout le monde d’hier et de rattrapage avec vous tous !!

Hello Everyone!!!

Due to the amazing Skype yesterday, I do not have much time today but I just wanted to thank you all who read the posts that I have been making and I want you to know that I am super happy here and that the Lord is good to me!

It is way too hot here already, and it’s only getting hotter! That is my only complaint about the mission! 🙂  You are all wonderful!
The French Government has seized all the iPads coming from the Church at Customs — so as soon as they release them they will be distributed. I am really looking forward to start using them as a proselytizing tool in our discussions.  The opportunity to have all of the gospel literature, library and family history site at our fingertips will help.  This technology will also enable us to reach those who are more active with technology and will allow us to have more in depth discussions at their convenience.
Again I love you all! Sadly, I do not have the time today to write more!!
I love you all so much!
Passez une bonne semaine!
Elder Fils De Pierre

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