Bonjour A Tous from Perpignan!!!!

Bonjour à ma famille et les amis

It is back to the middle of transfer where we begin feeling the weeks fly by way too fast!!! I cannot believe that it has already been 1 week since I was able to Skype and send emails! I guess it is good that the time flies because I am having fun sharing the gospel but at the same time it means that my mission will be done before I know it!!

This week has been really great! The ward here is super incredible and loving and super strong in all that they do!

Last Monday we were invited to a little family home evening at the Family B’s new apt.  They are a young married couple who are amazing! Brother B served his mission in Montreal and knew Tanner Pearson. They had us over with another young couple and then 2 people who are engaged. We had a great time with people close to our age and we all made burritos and had a great time together.  The spiritual thought was based on a short video about not being judgemental.  The woman was filming a video in central park and there was a homeless guy sitting there the whole time she had been filming. The video she was making was about humanity and being a good person and being nice to everyone. However,  she found herself judging this man very harshly and being afraid of him. Her director had him come into her video and she found that he was actually one of the most kind and gentle men and truly genuine. In the movie he says “it doesn’t cost anything to be kind to someone”. I think that is something that we can all think about and put into action.

On Tuesday, I had an amazing opportunity to go on exchange with my zone leader….. in MONTPELLIER!!! It was a Super great time. I took a train up to Montpellier in the morning and then I was able to get down to work in my old ville! However, because I was working from his companionship. I did not have the opportunity to see my old amis. I had a really good time teaching with him 🙂 We were able to make our way up to see Brother M., who cannot come to church because of his age and health. It is always a pleasure to see him and share a message! He is one of the most amazing people I have ever met and I am so thankful for the chance I have had to meet him while he is on this Earth. He is very spiritually strong and he knows very well that his Heavenly Father loves him 🙂

After we took a train back down to Perpignan and ended the exchange. Every Tuesday night we have a little Soirée Familial (family home evening) at the church for all the people who do not have children or who are single.  This is always a great time! We start with a spiritual thought and a lesson and then we play a game and have some food 🙂

Wednesday Morning, we had a lesson with our ami J who is super great! He is actually from a gypsy family of 11 kids and is from Marseille.  The French in Marseille as spoken by the Gypsy’s is quite regional, which means he is really hard to understand, but its ok! :).  He is really great and we love to see him, he has been progressing a lot! He used to smoke and drink a lot but now it has been over 2 months without a cigarette! Also he doesn’t drink ever! This is Super great for him. He has become a very great man and the whole ward said many miracles have happened for him to be where he is today. 🙂

After that we went home and finished our studies and then started planning for how we will go about our day.  In the time we had done our studies 3 of our RDVs that we had planned, got cancelled. So, we were there with nothing to do! However, the Ward talent show is coming up in the next 2 weeks and we have to perform. We took this opportunity to go to the church with the Sisters and tried to figure something to do for the show. We decided that we will be singing Amazing Grace because it doesn’t exist in French. 🙂

That same evening we went out to visit the family L for dinner, they live in a town outside Perpignan and we took the bus the wrong direction!!!!! It was terrible but I had been talking to someone, who luckily told us to just get on the bus going the other direction and it will bring us there! We ended up being about 30 minutes late but that’s ok! We are mormon, so we are supposed to be late! 🙂

Thursday was an AMAZING DAY!!!

We went on a ward hike in the mountains. It was super beautiful! One of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen in my life! I want to send photos but my memory card is not working!! 😦 The hike was incredible and at the end we were in this big field on top of a mountain with an old castle in the distance. There is a tomb in the field that dates back to 1600 BC! Super Crazy! We all stood by the tomb and shared a spiritual thought, it was the great end to the hike. Then we all went back to the city and to the church we all ate crepes! It was a super french time!

Friday Morning we had an exchange with the Elders of Carcasone. We went there in the morning and I picked up Elder Richmond and We had an exchange here in Perpignan. We had a great day full of miracles and then we taught our English class!

Sorry,  I am running out of time, flies by so fast here! I need to be a faster typist. 🙂

Anyway, I am so happy here in my life as a missionary in Perpignan! My life is beautiful and I have a lot of peace in this work!

I love you all so much!

Bonne Semaine!

Love, Elder Peterson


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