Miracles in Perpignan!!!

Bonjour a tous!

This week has been very good and very busy and very exciting, and
with that is the time going very fast!

The time has gone by so fast this week that when we sat down to do our
weekly planning for this next week it felt like only 2 days since we
had last done it, although it was a week ago.

Over the last 2 weeks we have been doing a lot of tracting, which is
where we go door to door, preaching the good word. 🙂 Maybe it’s not
the most exciting thing to do, but I have really learned to love it. It has
been said many times that you have to knock 300 doors before you find
a good one, so over that last two weeks we have knocked again and
again to try to find some new Amis. We are searching for some people who are really interested in learning more and nearing themselves to their Heavenly Father and the Savior Jesus Christ.

We  knocked and it was about 8:15 in the evening and we had been able to have some good conversations but none that would last. Then right after a particularly rude woman, we knocked on this door of this guy who was probably around 30 years old with a New York sweater on. We asked if he had been and he said yes and we had a good little conversation about the states and then we explained who we are and said we had a message and some questions about his family and he said ok, come on in.  Wow, that was the first time that someone has just invited us in on my mission. We went in and he offered us something to drink and we sat down and started discussing the family and its eternal importance, he told us that he was not a believer. I noticed a Buddha statue on his table so I asked him about his beliefs in that sense.  When he finished explaining, I told him something that he had not realized, and that a lot of the people in this world do not realize, and that is that the gospel of Jesus Christ is a gospel of progression and learning, making mistakes and falling at times. It is so that we may improve and we must always be learning new things and growing and really progressing to become more like our Heavenly Father and his Son.  Then in one day after this life we may receive perfection, even after this life we will have to learn and progress eternally.

This was a beautiful experience and testimony builder for me, as
I testify of things and as I teach things my knowledge and testimony
grows stupendously, we will be seeing him again soon we will call him
Ami “F”.

Something else great also happened this week, we met with an Ami  “J”
and it went really well.  He works with troubled teens and has some of
the most terrifying and sad stories that you could ever imagine.  The
gospel has changed his life so much. He used to be the wall of stone
when it came to emotions. That way he could look into the eyes of someone who has been through a terrible life, and it would not effect him in the
slightest, but now as he has not only studied the word of God but has
put it into practice in his real life. He has seen a marvelous change,
he told me he has opened his heart to human interaction and love. He
was very reserved before and never got close emotionally to anyone. Now he sees how the teachings and practices of Jesus have helped him in all aspects of his life.  He says now when the teenagers talk to him about their past and pain heat he cries with them.  He feels more capable of love now.

During this RDV. when he told us these things, I noticed this change in him. I
immediately got an impression from the spirit.  It is the strongest impression I
have ever received in my life, and I was completely overcome by this feeling and this idea.  The impression was to challenge him to be baptized on the 11th of July.  Ok so, the funny thing is that that is my birthday! However, I didn’t even think about that when the thought came to mind, all I thought was how I knew this is what God wants and that I need to say it. It was an exceptionally cool spiritual experince for me. Oh, and he ACCEPTED the date for baptism 😀.

Something else really funny happened to me this week too! There is a member here who is really big into making crepes and he is super cool. He lives part time in the U.S. and part time in France. His family lives in the U.S., in NY and his daughter is serving a mission in Chicago. We were at his house because we were going to help him install shelves in the garage of his neighbor, after we do all that and we have a really great time talking to the family that we had helped.  Then after we go back to his house and he asks if I want see a picture of his daughter and so he takes a picture out of his wallet and shows me… Wow, I thought she looked familiar and so I asked her name and he said he name was Kimberly… Then it clicked I know her. 🙂 🙂 She has his last name! We are Friends on FB, she was in my EFY group two years ago! That has to be the weirdest thing that has ever happened. I forgot I spoke French and like freaked out in English I KNOW HER! OH MY GOODNESS🙂 🙂 He was just laughing and you could tell he understood the situation. 🙂 It was super strange to find that out!

This week we spent a lot of time working with members trying to get them all excited for missionary and to start sharing the gospel with their friends, and with that of course that comes some amazing French food! I had some pâtée the other day made of a wild bore that was hunted by the brother of the member, all homemade and amazing. 🙂

Something that you all need to eat at least one time in your life is Goat cheese with honey on it! It will change your life forever.

Every Saturday here we play soccer and it is super great.  The one drawback is that the field we use is outside of Perpignan so it is hard to get Amis to come, but it’s a really good time with members. We are learning a lot of soccer skills, as an American who spent his high school years building robots, I am not really amazing at soccer, but everyday I am improving and I hope I will be better at home after my mission. 🙂 🙂

This week has been amazing for us here and we are so blessed 🙂 On Saturday night we got a call from the Zone leaders and they said that they need us all in Montpellier on Monday, hence the reason I did not email yesterday, sorry!

Well in Montpellier, we received our iPads!!! So right now I am working
off of my new iPad mini and my efficiency is amazing, back on this touchscreen American keyboard.

Today we took our P-day because we were busy in Montpellier yesterday.  My companion and the sisters from Perpignan took a day at the beach in a
little city not far from here on the 1€ bus. See pictures below!!!


I love you all and I thank you for your support and love.

Elder Peterson


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