Another Amazing Week!!!

This week has been very amazing for me and for the work of the Lord here in the Lyon mission. The beginning of this week, we were in Montpellier for a zone training where we received our iPads. These amazing tools have already made a huge difference in the work and in our effectiveness.  Both in our studies and our planning and in the ongoing process of learning this seemingly impossible language.
For example, 2 days ago I was on the street talking to an elderly man about his family. We discussed the amazing blessings that come from writing down the stories of our ancestors and how it brings us closer to them and that in the future the process could even help their children and grandchildren. He went on the normal excuse about how long it takes and how there isn’t enough time and about how his grandma had a big book big book to do, and how it is just too much work. Everyone seems to think that you need to go to old town halls and to old church Catholic archives to find the names, but I told him that is not the case. I pulled out my iPad and showed him my family tree. I showed him the names of my great grandparents and the little stories about them. I showed how easy it is to write the stories for ourselves and put them into the website. I explained also that the information will be saved forever on the largest database in the world. Wow, that changed everything for him. He suddenly opened up to the idea and we got him signed up with the website address and we left him with our testimonies of the eternal family and how we will all be together with the ones we love after this life. 🙂
That is just one of the many testimonies of these iPads that we have gained over this week.  It is evident that the Lord is really hastening this work and I am so thankful to be part of it. I love sharing this amazing gospel of love!  It has never been easier and it is only going to get easier. 🙂  The Lord is preparing souls to hear this gospel and follow the example of Jesus Christ.
It was a really amazing week in all the senses, but a very busy week. 🙂
On Tuesday for our P-day we went out to the beach.  Isn’t stunning. (You got those pictures last week!) It was a super cool time to just relax and sit on the beach. We actually went very early in the morning, so we could do our studies there. We studied then spent some time just laying in the sun and listening to the waves and the wind. It was a great refresher and it was definitely needed after the long weeks we have been having.
That evening we taught a little boy who is preparing to be baptized. 🙂 He is 8 and he is super excited to get baptized.  That will be in about 2 weeks! It is going to be a super great experience for him and really good for his family. He is the youngest of 7 and the father is no longer in the home. The family has been struggling, but now they are getting a lot of support from the members and they are becoming very strong. Most of it is thanks to their little 8 year old. I have noticed an amazing  change.

Wednesday was exchange day. We spent the day in Carcassone on exchange with the Elders there.  Carcassone is a little walled city/castle where beauty and the beast was written. 🙂 It was an amazing day full of miracles. I was working with Elder Garside and we had set a lot of goals on how to improve our missionary efforts.  We worked really hard to improve on these specific parts of missionary work and we were really able to see the fruits of our efforts. I’m so thankful for the experience that we were able to have that day.

Elder Peterson and Elder Garside on Exchange Day
Elder Peterson and Elder Garside on Exchange Day
Then the next day we went out to a little city in the mountains. We went to visit on of our Amis named J. He lives pretty far away, However, it was the most beautiful bus ride I have ever taken. It took about two hours, but the views were incredible. We met a couple from Montreal and we were able talk to them about what we do here and why we do it. His city is called Vernet les bains it is in the middle of the Pyrenees and the bus to get there is only one euro. When we finally arrived we went for a hike with J. We got to the top of the mountain where we sat for about an hour and discussed the gospel. He is one of the most solid Amis, I have had on my mission thus far. He really has a strong desire to improve and progress in the gospel so that he may become better in his life.
View from the Mountain
View from the Mountain
Just to let you know, I think I am in the most beautiful mission on earth. 🙂
After we caught the bus to come back we started to practice for the talent show which was taking place on Saturday and boy did we need to practice. We are going to sing Amazing Grace and Sister Christiansen will play the piano while we were all singing. Given that this practice was just a few days before the show we really have to buckle down. 🙂
The next day we had English class in the evening. Right before English class we made sure to practice our singing just a bit more. English class went through really well we have already seen a lot of improvement from the people attending. It seems like they have been coming forever, some for about two years but they haven’t really learned made much progress until now. Teaching French people English is still a very interesting experience for me, because I can learn so much French from seeing their grammar mistakes. 🙂 🙂
Then Saturday we played soccer again as usual which was really good, My team won! 🙂 I was able to make about 2 of the goals, so it was especially fun! Playing with Europeans is really a whole another ballgame. 🙂  After that we went to have a lunch at sister L’s house.  She made us a lunch of crepes.  All the people there were recent converts to the church which was really special. We shared a thought about continual conversion and how we must continually pray and take action to strengthen our testimonies of the gospel. It has been really great to give spiritual thoughts like this, because we see how it affects people. We are able to do the follow up and see their progression.
Sister L and Elder Peterson
Sister L and Elder Peterson
Saturday night was the famous Soirée de Talent.People have been talking about this event since we got here. It was a super fun night and we had some friends come. It was an event that we could enjoy together. 🙂 We sang Amazing Grace in English. Before we were able to explain what the meaning was and shared a quote about the grace and mercy of God. It ended up being a very spiritual experience for everyone in the room!
May we all remember of the Amazing Grace that the Lord has for us. His love is unending and he wants to forgive us and he wants to bless us. We just have to come unto him, it’s never to late to accept the love of the Lord into your life. His grace enables us to change and to be together with the ones we love forever.
Je vous aime! Passez une bonne semaine
Elder Peterson

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