Transfers … A New Companion!!


This week has been a very interesting week! This transfer went by very fast and we could not even believe that it was already over! For our very last week we tried to work especially hard with the recent converts and the less active members of the church here in Perpignan!

Good News — our efforts paid off and we were able to accomplish many of our goals in the past week! Super Happy Missionaries!

Here in Perpignan there is a member who is from Vietnam. She used to have a restaurant, so when we went to her house the other day and she fed us the best food I have ever eaten! And the bonus was that her grandson is here visiting her. He is from the USA, he has been struggling with some things in his life.  We were very happy to get the opportunity to work with him and to visit his grandma!

We shared a message that has really struck me in the past few months
of my mission. While on my mission I have learned from a completely different perspective so much about the atonement. I now know all the preparation that Jesus Christ experienced through his time here on earth and how much he really suffered according to the flesh that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people. He truly lived the human experience and he learned firsthand what pain feels like that he may know what suffering is like an also that he may know what joy is like. He experienced extreme temptation and what it feels like — all so that he can help us. The sweet love that he has for us gives us comfort during times of trial. He is the one person who really understands what we are going through and in that way he can help us through all of our troubles, trials and tribulations.

I have really grown to be more and more thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ.

Well this transfer flew by so fast and now it has come to an end. We received our calls on Friday and the NEWS IS: I am staying here in Perpignan! I am so happy to stay here another transfer! I am now companions with Elder Bryce.  He is from a small town in Arizona and he is super cool! This morning I went up to Montpilier and I waited there for a few hours until I could meet my new companion, he is great! We are really excited to work hard together here in Perpignan that we may invite others to come unto Christ and really fulfill our missionary purpose.

After church on Sunday we had our break the fast meal after Fast Sunday and it was really great!  We had some really good food and we had a really good time together with the members and amis in Perpignan.  These opportunities are always beautiful experience to be with all of the members and passed a good moment with all the people we love.

An advantage of being so close to Spain is that we get some really great Spanish food. One food that I am pretty sure comes from God, is a meal called Paella and I am pretty sure that it was invented in the Heavens!

We have a little bit of an annoying factor going on here — the Church is under construction for the next four months.  This means that we do not have access to the Chapel throughout the week so we have to depend on the use of people’s homes to do our RDV’s. This is cause for some pretty interesting stories, but sadly I do not have time for those at this very moment.

I really just wanted to let you all know that I am super happy here on my mission! I had a really great transfer with Elder Huntsman this last transfer and we have learned a lot I feel that I have grown both spiritually and mentally over these last six weeks.

I miss you all a lot but I am very happy where I am! I cannot believe I am already a third through my mission and I know it is going by fast because I am enjoying it so much.  I love you all and I wish you a great week

I will now leave a little note here in French because it’s much easier to type in French:

Bonjour à tous, je suis si reconnaissante pour les choses que vous faites pour moi de faire cette mission possible. Merci beaucoup pour votre soutient.

Je sais que Dieu nous aime et est notre Père céleste.

My New Companion - Elder Bryce
My New Companion – Elder Bryce

Avoir une semaine bénie
Elder Peterson


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