A Sad and Happy Week

coastlineThis week that has just passed has been amazing in so many ways!! I was a week of hard work and miracles, but it was also a weird week. We had a conference in the middle of the week in Aix en Provence to say goodbye to our Mission President and his wife who have just completed their three years here.  That meant we were only working in the city for 4 days out of the week.


Let’s start going over the week a little bit

On Monday, we had a relaxing p-day trying to just get a lot of rest from our week, then we went to an RDV with a family for a home teaching appt. After that, we went to the DMP’s house for a meal and there were some Active members and some recent converts there as well. We had a really good time and shared a message about a gardener that had pruned down a tree so that it could grow to be more strong and fruitful in the future.


Tuesday morning we had a meeting with our DMP about the missionary work here and we discussed what we could do to further advance the work with our Amis.\
After that,  we had a meeting with J and taught him and his fiancée about gaining Christlike attributes and working to become more like our Savoir and improve our lives.  They have been going trough some problems in the family and it really helped them to take their mind off of all of it. by having time to just focus on the Savior.
Then we went back home and did some of our studies. After that, we were very excited to have a rendezvous with a Spanish family. They live in the village right next to Perpignan and they only speak Spanish… But luckily we have some people in the ward that our return missionaries who served in Spanish-speaking missions — so we had them serve as  translators while we taught. During the rendezvous, their neighbor came in and he asked who we were and what we do? We had asked him if he would like a Book of Mormon…?  After we hand it to him and tell him that he can pray to know that  is true.  Then he tells us that he already knows it is true because we gave it to him and God sent us. 🙂 🙂 This is without even reading it.  Once he said that we then encouraged him to read it.   Basically, we got a taste of what Spanish speaking missionary’s deal with every day. 🙂 🙂  The Spanish people are such a believing people. That was a cool experience and we will see how that moves along!
Then after that we went a saw some of the recent converts and we worked on reading the Book of Mormon with them and we discussed the chapter after and it was a very good meeting with them.
As you can read, it was a full Tuesday! We had goals to teach a certain number of people and we also had to go out of town for a few days so we had to work extra hard here while we had a moment.

We took a train to Marseilles to stay the night with some other missionaries. I met two people when on the train who were from the Boston area! Super cool! They are French teachers here on a trip with students from Weston river school. It is super crazy how many people I meet here that are from Boston or have been there, apparently Boston has a lot of French people there. 🙂 🙂

When we got into Marseilles  and I was able to help some of the missionaries there teach a lesson to this woman who was super nice from Cape Verde! She is going to be baptized on my birthday.




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