Another Week!

Hello, everyone!

First off I would like to apologize about last week! My message got truncated by the Wi-Fi  being stupid at the local McDonald’s… So I will finish telling you about last week first and then I will tell you about this week.

Wednesday we went to Marseilles for a conference with some other missionaries and to say goodbye to my Mission President (FYI – Mission Presidents are called for three-year terms)… So we stayed the night in Marseille and then we travelled the next day to Aix-en-Provence is a beautiful city made known for its fountains. It is a stunning place.  We went  to the church building to have our goodbye conference… It was a time difficult for all of the

It was a time difficult to say the least for all of the missionaries because they have been such a strong presence to guide us but we are also very happy to be able to see President and Sister Roney for one last time before they departed for home.

On the train on the way back we were able to talk to some people from Boston.  That was really cool.  It seems like every few days I meet some people from Boston that are either living or on vacationing here.  That makes me excited that I might be able to practice French when I get home. 🙂

On the way home on Thursday night we stayed the night in Montpellier and then on Friday morning we went back to Perpignan

We had a big miracle on Saturday night we were walking around and we had three rendezvous’s (RDV) which were canceled, so we were just walking around and doing some tracting and contacting on the street. It was about 8:30 so we started walking toward home, but then we said to ourselves, that if we see someone we will talk to them.  Almost immediately, we saw a woman pushing a baby carriage and we b talking to her and we were walking with her while we spoke to her.  However, she ended up not being interested. However, that situation brought us into a perfect place on the street! As we were walking home,  a car slowed down and honked his horn and then a man called us over and told us that he was an evangelical Christian. He would like to have some drinks with us. He asked us to get his car and he took us to McDonald’s and we got some sodas… When we sat down he looked at us and said, “what is your message?” We were completely shocked by this amazing miracle that the Lord had given us for persevering and for just all the work that we have been doing.

Believe me … It is a dream of a missionary to have someone like that! We have seen him a few more times since then it has been a really great experience.

I want to share with you, my testimony of this work:  I know that the Lord watches over us as we do his work. I know that he wants us to succeed in that. Even during the days when it is difficult, he is there by your side and he is pulling us along. He is truly a loving Heavenly Father who wants us to be happy.  His son came to earth and suffered for us so that he may know what it is like to live a life on this earth. With that, knowledge he is better able to help us through our struggles in this life.  People always say life is not easy.. but we have the knowledge that Jesus knows exactly that life is not easy. He knows that he can help us and that was the purpose of the plan of the atonement, so that we may return to live with him.

The next day on Sunday we were able to see that man again it has been a really great teaching him. We have seen him about three or four times it is always a great discussion and I think he is very sincere. He told us he is going to start reading the Book of Mormon and to pray of its truth.

On Monday, we were able to go to one of the most beautiful places on earth, but you already got those pictures last week!  That city was voted the most beautiful city in France which is a pretty big deal because this country is really beautiful!

On Tuesday morning, we were able to help someone move into Perpignan.  He is a member moving here to play for the rugby team is from New Zealand… It seems like every ward here in France has a member from New Zealand playing rugby. 🙂

That evening we went to try to see the Spanish family who we had seen last week… However, we found out that they are now going on vacation for two months. I guess that is what gypsy life is like. 🙂 🙂  It will be a while but when they come back we will make sure that missionaries start seeing them again, but it might take a little while.

Wednesday we had a lesson with our Ami J. We were speaking with him about diligence and persevering and faith because they are having a difficult moment right now it was a message that really touched them. We talked about some of the different stories in the Bible.  The first one we shared was about  Joseph in Egypt and then a story in the Book of Mormon.  We have been able to help them grow spiritually and become stronger and I have witnessed the Holy Ghost working in their hearts to help them grow and have good experiences.

Our miracle Ami is named G. We saw him Wednesday night, and it went really well. We talked him about the restoration of the priesthood and the importance of having the priesthood on earth today

On Thursday morning, we just decided to go out to a small village that is about one hour away to try to pass one of our old friends who has not seen the missionaries in over a year. We went out to this little village on the bus and we went to knock on her door, but she was not there. However, as we were walking towards the bus we passed a road and thought we might as well do some tracting.  We started knocking on some doors, well actually we started pressing the doorbells that sit by the gate of each house… Because every house has a fence here. But it’s okay. There was no one at the first house. We ring the second house and a woman answers and said that she’s feeding her children and she asked if we could come back another day so we told her we be back on Wednesday. Right, before we ring the next house we say we need to have another reason to come back on Wednesday otherwise it’s a long trip for a single appointment. So when we ring the next house, a man answers and we ask how he is. He said terrible… He said, “there’s too many problems with taxis nowadays!” Then he asked if we were Jehovah’s Witnesses and we told him we were not, so he gladly invited us into his home to talk for a little while… People here don’t really like Jehovah’s Witnesses!!!  When it came out that we were Mormon, he was super delighted! He said, “wow I meant 2 Mormons today!  I am going to tell my wife about this and I’m going to tell my friend about this, we always talk about Mormons, here, but I’ve never met any in person!” He was very happy to have met us, but he did not know why we are called Mormons or what we believe, so we gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon and we explained it to him. He said he would start to read it.  It is great because now on Wednesday we have two appointments in they are neighbors!

Super Nice miracle!

On Friday night, we actually helped a woman with her wedding reception decorations at the church because she was getting married on Saturday so we helped to get everything set up for her wedding!

Then Saturday morning happened… dun, dun, dun…

We went to soccer, It was a beautiful Saturday morning the birds were singing the grass is green and we were preparing for our match against Montpellier next week. So with that in mind I was really trying to play hard and play well. I was running and trying to play defense on someone who was dribbling the ball down the sideline. He tried to send another player the ball and he ended up kicking my foot which turned my foot sideways… And I landed with all of my weight on the side of my foot I heard a large pop! I knew something was wrong. I went to the sidelines and began elevating my foot. I saw that there was a lot of swelling so I knew there would be no soccer for me next week! I called the mission nurse and she explained what to do. I’m okay now but I am on crutches for the next few days and my foot is in a boot :/ not the most fun thing as a missionary because we can’t do too much…


I was able to stop by the wedding on crutches and congratulate the bride and groom

And yesterday after church I was able to go and exchange with the Bishop so that my companion could go out and do missionary work with a returned missionary in the ward. Basically, I hung out with the bishop at his house for the afternoon while my companion played missionary! 🙂 🙂

I love you all! Have a great week!

Have a great week!

Elder Peterson


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