The longest week ever but all in all a good week!

Bonjour a tous!

OK, this was the longest week of my mission… but it was still really fast and a good week.

It was the longest week of my mission because last week, as I told you, I had sprained my ankle during soccer. I’ve had to keep it elevated and try to not put too much weight on it for the week.  Then, when it began looking kind of bad, they send me to get an x-ray.  All of this seemed to make the week go by slower than usual!

On Tuesday morning, we had our mission coordination meeting with our ward mission leader. It went well and we talked about how all the work here In Perpignan is progressing and what we are working on to increase it. Then right after that we went to the bus station to catch a bus to one of the little villages near us. A person from that village had requested a copy of the book of Mormon from  That meant we got to take a little trip down to this beautiful little city in the mountains.  When we arrived and found his address, he wasn’t there… However, his postbox had a slot that was the perfect size to put in the copy of the Book of Mormon! 🙂   Please pray that he will call us! 🙂

Then because we are in France and we had a little bit of time and we had not eaten… We went to a pastry shop and we bought some yummy pastries! Love France!!

Right after that we went back up to Perpignan to visit with one of our less active members named G. We had a really really good rendezvous with him. We brought a recent convert with us and we shared a message about the importance of taking the sacrament and attending church.  He was really touched by the message. He should be good to come to church now.  It was a really good experience for the recent convert as well in that he could teach and share his testimony. 🙂

And then in a beautiful coincidence… Just kidding there are no such things as coincidences. We went to the bus stop to go home and as we were sitting there. we had 30 minutes, someone came up to us.  It was someone  who I hadn’t seen in about a month. He asked us if we like to come to his house and have some water and discuss some things. :-). Is a super great miracle the one problem is… He barely speaks any French and he is from an Arab-speaking country. He doesn’t speak English or French and neither of us speaks Arabic.:( But we were able to make do with French and an Arabic Book of Mormon!

Right after that, One of the other recent converts who is seriously a miracle, calls us and asked us if w would like to go to McDonald’s with him for dinner.  It was a super fun time and we were able to eat with him and  got to share a great message.

The next day in the morning we had a rendezvous with ami J. He has been making a lot of progress. We talked to him about the importance of enduring through trials with prayer and faith, and that prayer should never stop. We always need that open communication with our Heavenly Father.

After this my leg was all swollen up so I called the mission nurse and she told me that she would find a way for me to get an x-ray.  I got a call from the insurance company and who told me they scheduled a doctors’ for me appointment at 5 PM. We had to cancel a trip that we are going to make sure the little village to see one of our amis.  At 5 PM we show up only to sit in the waiting room for one hour and 45 minutes…. It was ridiculous. However, I was able to have a conversation with a woman while I was waiting.  When I get called in for my appointment and there is no x-Ray machine… so we wasted our entire night. : I call the nurse and she had told the insurance to send me for an x-Ray. 🙂  She says to just go get an x-Ray and pay for it myself then I will get reimbursed.

The next day we had an exchange  with the Elders from Carcassonne. We go up and we meet them in a place called in Narbonne. However, it turns out their train was two hours late… So we waited there for a long time. But, we were happy and that’s what matters!

Then when I got back with this new colleague we went and had lunch at the apartment, and then we went out so I could get an x-ray and it turns out there’s nothing broken… Something cool about France is you get to keep the x-Ray. 🙂

Then we had an amazing lesson with ami G. Ami G is the miracle from a couple weeks ago, it was a very good lesson and he was very sincere. We taught him about personal revelation and how we can speak to God today and receive answers for questions. We also told him about the prophet and about how he can receive revelation, and how that can help us in our lives. God called the prophet, so that we can learn from him. He showed his love for his children by calling a prophet just like he had in the past. 🙂

Friday was a really good day, we have another lesson with our Ami J. Teaching him about the importance of having the will of the Lord be put before our own.

Then after that we went to a members house, there from Chile. They made us an empanada lunch which we ate while we visited with them… It was super amazing fun time with them. 🙂

This week, I have been working on getting my paperwork together for my French Driver’s License.  I have was informed that I needed to get one since I have been in France for almost a year. Almost a year!!!! WOW!!!  It turns out that New Hampshire has a reciprocal agreement with France.  That means I will be able to exchange my drivers’ license for a French Permis de Conduire!  It does not guarantee that I will be get to drive. There are not many cars in this mission… But it gives a new mission president more flexibility to call someone go to these areas.

Je veux avec mon tĂ©moignage, je sais que JĂ©sus-Christ vit et il nous aime. Je sais qu’il a vĂ©cu sur terre pour que nous ayons la joie dans nos vie. 🙂 Il est pas venu pour juger le monde mais pour que le monde soit sauver par lui. Dieu est notre père cĂ©leste, il nous aime aussi. Plus fort que nous pouvons imaginer.

Je vous aime!

La prochaine fois que je vous parle j’aurai 19ans!
Elder Peterson!


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