Transfer Week!!! I am now in St. Etienne

Bonjour ma famille et amis!

This last week was a really good week. Both Elder Bryce and I  were working with a lot of people and trying to wrap things up with the knowledge that transfers were on the horizon.

We were able to see our Amis and to complete the work with J who will be getting baptized this next week. We were able to get all of his baptismal instruction done before I left. The zone leaders come down and did his baptismal interview with him and he was cleared for the baptism. 🙂 He had chosen me to perform the baptism, so I was not super happy when I received my call for the transfer. However, I know that it was and is the will of God that I keep moving forward. I know he has others prepared in my new area.

Ami J
Ami J with Elder Bryce, Elder Peterson and the Sisters

I am so happy that I was able to work with him through the process of drawing himself closer to his Heavenly Father. 🙂 He has grown so much and has become a very happy man.  He is now content and enjoyable with a wonderful lightheartedness about him.  This  huge amount of progress is really good for him. 🙂 His testimony in the restored gospel is amazing to hear and to witness in practice. 🙂 I know he will always be a strong member in the Lords church and I know that his conversion will be a big part of my mission. 🙂

This week, meant a lot of goodbyes. That is always a little sad. On Sunday, we went out to see a family that lives about 2 hours away in the mountains. They cannot come to church anymore, due to the distance and their health. They are super amazing people with super Spanish accents. They have been in the church for 46 years! We went with some other members and brought them the sacrament and did a whole church meeting with a few lessons. 🙂 It was a super great time with them.  They are the couple In the middle.

Family Sacrament

Because we shared this special meeting out of town I did not attend church this week.  That meant not getting to say all of the goodbyes I would have liked to.









Now, I am in the city of St. Etienne which is about 30 minutes from Lyon. 🙂 It is a city in eastern central France located southwest of Lyon in the Rhone-Alpes region along the thoroughfare that connects Toulouse with Lyon. It is super cool to see a new region here in France. This city is beautiful and I am in love with the people already!

My companion is Elder Hynynen who as it turns out has a lot in common with me. He was born in the Boston area, is the youngest of 8 children with 5 girls and 3 boys… His favorite color is green (mine too).  Then to top it off he is blonde with glasses. He is me. It is weird. 🙂 🙂 He seems cool. Both, his parents are Finnish
and his family now lives in Canada. (My roots are Scottish, Welsh, German and Norwegian and Canadian).

My New Companion!
My New Companion!

There is a good tram system here, which is really nice for me during these days o crutches… Which are almost over I hope. 🙂 🙂  My ankle is feeling a lot better and I am doing physical therapy exercises at night to get strength and flexibility in it and so it doesn’t lock up! It has gotten quite a bit better.

An interesting tidbit, every city here in France has a name for the people who come from there. Those from Montpellier, are known as Montpellierien while those from Perpignan are the Perpignanais. That kinda makes sense, but here the people in St. Etienne are called Stephenois….. I have no clue why. 🙂 🙂 The people here are already super nice to me on the trams and I am coming into this area with full determination.

I want to speak to everyone and really get the missionary work going in this ward. I am not sure what the wards’ relationship with the missionaries is currently, but I want it to improve. 🙂 My goal is to visit every member possible and set missionary goals with them. 🙂 I feel I have hit the ground, running.

Well, I am sorry I do not have much time! I love you all so much. Keep your heads up!

Vous êtes tous super! Je suis vraiment content que vous êtes mes amis.

Avec amour, Elder Peterson.


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