The week 4 …. sleepiness.

Bonjour tout Le monde,

I hope you are all doing great. 🙂

I have had a really good week here in St. Etienne. This is the fourth week in the transfer and it is always the week when my head weighs about 10.000.000 pounds and its really hard to lift my head off my pillow especially when I know what is next is working out for 30 minutes, 🙂 but I make due! It cannot slow me down in this work!

Last Monday we had a mission conference where we learned from our mission president and his wife, there were special guests, the Laporé family who is the stake president for Lyon.

The topic of the conference was the big topic that our mission is tackling right now, it is the Temple. We are learning together the importance of the temple in our work and our goal is to really involve the temple in all aspects of our work.

We have really been working on our vision that we have for the Amis here. The goal is not baptism, although baptism is an essential part of the process in being able to attend the temple. Our focus is in getting these people into the temple working with their families to do the ordinances and to unite their families for eternity,

Through all of this study and these meetings and conferences I have learned more about the purpose of the restoration of the gospel, all of these things that had been restored are for the family, preparing the way for a happy and eternal human family.  The Lord loves us and he does things so he can bless us. The temple is one of the biggest blessings that he had prepared for us, a way to be together forever and to feel his love and his spirit here on earth in a calm and peaceful manner.

We had a little problem with our AMI M after that RDV about the law of chastity.  She actually ended up not taking it well and the member who she was dating also thought she was not ready so he even stopped talking to her. ngfnfjdndeuidfnfh… We were pretty upset because she even put the Book Of Mormon into the members mailbox so we knew she was serious. 😦 We did all that we could at the moment, we prayed. And then we prayed again and every single time we prayed, M which is quite often, we prayed for her by name asking for a miracle. Then a few days later, I think it was Thursday we were helping a woman move some more things from one apartment to a new one. Then we get a call from the member saying there is a Bonne Nouvelle! ( good news…Like the gospel being restored. 🙂 🙂 Then he told us that he was next to M! He passed her the phone and she explained to me that she had an experience and she knew she needed to have contact with us again. We asked for an RDV that night and she said yes. We went over and asked what’s up! She explained that she heard our prayers and she actually heard a voice telling her that she needs to continue with us and seeing the member. She explained to us that the voice she heard was the voice of her father. Actually that shocked me because I remember in multiple prayers asking that the Lord would send her ancestors to help us and help her realize the eternal importance of these teachings! It was a huge miracle that had come to pass, the Lord is great and I have really learned that I can do nothing without him.

Last Tuesday, we went to a museum in Lyon, which is really new, big and beautiful. That is why I was late writing, but it was a  really cool experience. I love French and France! It’s the best thing ever!

Then that evening I had an exchange with my district leader who is Elder Willgose from England.  He came down with me after the museum and we did emails and then went to help a member move a fish tank from old apartment to the new one. It was half full…with fish in it. We took it down about 5 stories and then about a city block and put it into the car. Then we walked to the apartment and brought it up another 3 stories, of little old french stairs. I think my back in broken! 🙂 but it was a good experiment because this woman is a single mother of 3 and really needed our help 🙂  Then we had an RDV with a new prospect. (i.e he likes 1 of the sisters missionaries a little too much) but the RDV went well with him and we did the transition into us teaching 🙂 so we have a new AMI named A. Then we went home and I made burritos (Thanks for a taco seasoning mom!)

After that, we went back to the church for an RDV with someone, but he didn’t
show up.  It worked out because Elder Willgose is ending his mission soon so we were able to discuss some things that can help me a lot. We did a little exchange evaluation to see how we did and how we can improve and it was great! I really liked having the time to ask him questions and pick his brain a little! It’s crazy for me right now, because next transfer I hit my year mark! Already… I’m kind of freaking out at how fast time is going because I am having so much fun! Maybe I should stop having fun…. That could work. 🙂 🙂

Anyway during my next transfer I will be doing my French legality “carte de séjour” with is like a French I.D for people who have been here more than I year. Others have told me that after you do that then time flys even faster! I also had a chance to ask him for advice in how to cope with some of the “curve balls” that we have had and what I can do to make the best out of these situations.

Then we ended the exchange and went to help a member move some rocks in the garden and have a soirée familial! We have been doing A LOT of service for people here, which I love! 🙂 We helped them and then had a French dinner. 🙂 (I say that because Perpignan was close to Spain and it was influenced and so they often skipped the cheese course) At dinner here there were 4 different types of goat cheese from the area!! I am in heaven! After dinner, we shared with the family a message about the temple and had the kids draw photos of the temple with their family in front of it to hang by their beds!

Sunday, we had a little surprise, our DMP (mission leader for the ward) changed! He had been the DMP for like 20 years!!! But now the new one is a 20-year-old! 🙂 He is super awesome so we are excited but the old one was also amazing, it will be a good change nonetheless.

I love you all so much and I have some more good news!

My ami J from Perpignan got baptized 2 weeks ago and now my other ami J who was with the member L is getting baptized in 2 weeks! It’s super great. 🙂

Have a great week! Love you all so much.

Elder Peterson

Things we are going over in English Class
Things we are going over in English Class
The board for English Class
The board for English Class
Rendering of the Paris Temple.
Rendering of the Paris Temple.

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