God’s Guiding Hands

Bonjour my dear friends and family and all readers! 🙂 🙂

This week was good! Something interesting happened to us on Tuesday.  We were in a big public square contacting the people passing by to ask them about their families and to present to them the church’s website for family history. We had a good two-hour block to work on this and telling people about temples.

First a woman stopped me to talk to her. 🙂 She was probably around 80 and simply wanted to complain about all the teens that make so many problems in town and how she is sick of it. 🙂 She told me that the cathedral in town is closed, except on Sunday’s, now because teenage kids went and urinated in the holy water… 7 times. So yeah she basically wanted to complain and then told me how she wished all young men were “like me”. 🙂 That’s always a welcome complement. I took the opportunity to explained to her what is a temple and about eternal families and she told me that she didn’t want to learn more and that because she is going to die soon and she will find out for herself… What a Jolly old lady! Although, she was very sweet.

Then I started talking to another woman and she was liking the questions a lot. She told me her grandma had already done her family history. I start to show her mine on the IPad, when the police pull up. I ignore them because I am in a conversation and then out of the corner of my eye I see them waving me over to the car… Great, now I have to loose this contact and talk to some angry police people. I went to their car and said hello and asked how I can help them. They asked if I had a permit to do what I was doing, I told them no, not a specific permit but I have a card that confirms my authority as a ordained minister. I showed them that and she said it has no legal value, so I explained to them their law for a second.

In the brief sense it is this – We are from a government recognized CHURCH. We have the right to our freedom of speech and we can talk to whoever we want, whenever we want. Example of the contrary, the Jehovah’s witnesses are recognized by the French government as a cult. This means that they do not have the rights that we have and need to procure a permit in each city. We do not. I explained these things and then she asked, what I was asking of people, so I showed her my family tree. 🙂   I told her I was talking to people about their families, she did not want to go back on what she said and feel like an idiot, so she told me I had to stop and get a permit… LEARN YOUR LAWS PEOPLE.  We did stop and I called the mission president and spoke to him confirming the fact that we have the right. He said if they stop us again we are ready to remind them of their laws and tell them to discuss it with church Lawyers.. Anyway, that put a damper on the 2 hours of contacting, we only got to do like 15 minutes.

We took this opportunity to reorganize our phone and to make some calls while we waited. Next we had a rdv with our new ami A who used to be the sisters ami. We saw him and talked to him about the plan of salvation. He is someone who has made a huge amount of progress in the time that he has been seeing the missionaries. Is really great guy who really loves soccer, he loves genealogy also, which is really good for him. I am sure he will soon accept baptism. 🙂 I really try to just get to know him during the rendezvous because he is new new ami for us and we wanted to get to know him. 🙂

Another cool thing this week, is that we went to see an ami who lives is a town that is about an hour away. He had seen the Elders just a few times before. He is someone quite interesting, I don’t know how to phrase it, he is super nice and relaxed and fun, and kind of like a hippie, yeah like a hippie. His name is R and we went out to meet him. he told us there would be a friend with him. The friend is called C and he is also very hippie, long dreads and parachute pants. 🙂 We took the bus into this town of Montbrision and they picked us up there and we went to a park. We had a great experience. R was being very skeptical and a little negative but C was listening very attentively. We began talking about the Holy Ghost and I shared an experience that I had and after R wanted to talk about other stuff but C was very focused and he asked me questions and then I asked him “what do you
think about all this” then he told me a story of something that happened to him. These stories invited the spirit very well and I felt the impression to tell them that we were all feeling it right then. I made sure to note to them that the spirit of the Lord had been amongst us. It was a super cool thing to talk about and it hit C very hard. He told us, that about 30 minutes before we showed up he started feeling these things and that he had never met Mormons before, but he felt so at ease! We will be going to see him again soon, Stay tuned!

I would love to tell you all about our ami M!! She has been making an enormous amount of progress. She had gone from someone with a constant struggle and frown and just negative energy to someone with a huge smile all the time. She prays daily and reads also. Last week in church, it was a little long for her but this time she had the best time ever! She didn’t want to leave. 🙂 She has been making incredible leaps and bounds in her progression the other day we saw her at a bus stop, she said she told a couple of friends about us and that they are interested! She is doing missionary work. 🙂 She will be bringing friends to our Friday night activity. We are so pleased with her and we know that the Lord is very pleased and is helping her a lot. She has even cutdown her smoking. She has not quit but it’s much less than before and we have not even told her about the word of wisdom yet! It has been great. We are very happy here 🙂

We also have a new ami, He is from the Congo, he’s been here in France for about four months and he is very interested in learning more about the gospel. We gave him our number a few weeks ago and he had called us asking if he could come to church. It is super cool to see someone make these efforts to draw closer to his Heavenly Father. He came to our activity on Friday night we played a game and shared a spiritual thought. 🙂

Also we have been very lucky this week! Walking home after talking to “M”
about her missionary work, we were in very good spirits and right their on the sidewalk someone was throwing away a coffee table… We don’t have a coffee
table, we took it. 🙂 Next to it were two pars of used French dress shoes.. Only needed a little shine 🙂 we took those also. 🙂 It was a great night!

The other day I was reading a talk and he quoted Poetry multiple times and I felt inspired to start trying to write some, so I did. I mostly do it when I am on trains or after our night time planning, so here you go! (Some of them are in French. :-0)

What makes us better:
The refiner works with the worst and the best, always In a mess, he changes them into something different with each test.
 always a little better, charred from the burning, yet for better he is yearning.
 I think we must be learning, as he turns up the heat.
closer to destruction or to perfection? Hard to see In confusion, as our perplexed selves with our limited view we cannot see that we are becoming new.
These things make us stronger, that we can endure longer,
Bringing us through this fire seems to lift us higher.
Our capacity seems to rise as we move closer to the prize,
As the smoke clears, the refiner cries… For what he has made, a sight for his eyes.
A perfect person without flaw, one who has finished the test,
Who has come to understand that it was all for the best.
– Elder Aaron Peterson 
In his labor:
The hills and the mountains testify of him, I try living a life to magnify him.
I feel as if whatever I do cannot be enough,
he promised me blessings and he is not one to bluff.
As I live this life in the labor of love I know the Lord helps from above.
His angels keep me upright all day and help me back if I lose my way.
I feel his love when i work as his hands,
although I have given up my favorite bands.
I have learned his work is sure and sweet.
One day my master I will meet.
That glorious day will come, when he stretches forth his hand saying “son,
I take thee up, you have done well in the moments when you fell.
I accept thee up on this day and for eternity thou shalt stay.”
– Elder Aaron Peterson 
La fille qui portée le noir.
Je pense que la premier fois que j’ai vu quelqu’un ne porter que du noir.
C’était un jour assez bizarre, quand je suis monté dans la car.
Le temps faisait très beau et j’avait dû monter très haut.
Et sur le montagne a l’instant, j’ai vu une fille sans ses parents,
c’est elle qui porter noir, ce que j’ai trouvé bizarre,
Elle avait un grand sourire, mais sûrement il n’y a rien de pire,
Elle a perdu ses parents, mais il lui est resté le sourire.
Je lui ai demandé comment elle peut-être contente,
Elle m’a dit que la paix est constante.
Elle a une connaissance, quelqu’a choses parfait,
<c’était quelqu’a choses dans plan de Dieu qui a été fait.>
Avec cette paix dans sa vie, elle regarde vers l’éternité.
J’ai appris ce jour là, de la fille qui portait noir,
Que notre vie ici-bas nous aide à voir
Toute les choses qui donne l’espoir.
– Ancien Fils De Pierre
Three Questions 
There are three questions that make a man crazy.
To find the answers you must be anything but lazy.
Sometimes hidden and hard to find, we must look in the stretch of time.
The first question goes back, the person asking where it all began.
Was it all blackness? was it just history being repeated again?
 The origin is known by few, however the answer shall not be found in a zoo.
Were we born, formed or created? Or are we just a race that immigrated?
The questions are many but the answers are few, the answer rests not with a what but a who.
He who knew us before, when the earth was nothing but a molten core.
Who told us his plan before our mortal lives began.
We had lived in peace but wanted more, to one day live in a mortal form,
To have that experience of being born.
The second question is in our face, for it is one during this race.
This life we live has a reason but it seems to change with the season.
We cannot agree between men, we must ask the author who holds the pen.
Wether this is all means to an end or just learning to become a friend.
It’s the things we learn and all the people we love,
That proves to me it must be planed from above.
This life in all the good and bad is definitely the best time to be had.
We can agree that this time here is a place to grow,
To have experience that we can show,
We have learned to share and love,
That we can earn a place with him above.
The third is a doozy and all search for it,
Is it the heaven above or a dark black pit?
Some say we just come back and if that’s true there’s no need to pack.
Some think the only thing will be black.
What gives me hope is his promised love, the gift of grace from above.
We shall be back in his presence like before,
in that paradise by the sea shore.
The test all done, but starts then is the most fun.
Peace and joy with the ones we love,
As we live with our father up above.
– Elder Aaron Peterson
Tu me vois, mais que pense-tu? Pense-tu que je suis un robot?
Quelqu’un qui ne fait que suivre les commandes des autres? Tu ne sais pas.
Qui suis-je? Je m’appelle Elder Peterson mais je suis beaucoup plus que cela, j’ai vécu comme toi, j’ai aussi demandé la question “pourquoi?”
Pense-tu que je suis  né comme ça?
J’ai fait l’épreuve qui m’a fait remonter toute ces choses qui donne un sens à ma vie
Donc la prochaine fois que tu me vois, tu peut me demander, pourquoi?
-Ancien Fils de Pierre.

I am a poet and I didn’t even know it.

I love you all so much. Have a great week! I know I will.
Elder Peterson


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