The Transfers are over! I am staying in St. Etienne

Wow! I know I say this every week, but it doesn’t make it any less true. The time has really flown!

First I would like to speak about one of our friends that we have seen. He is a friend that I had spoken about before and he just recently moved to France from the Congo. He has been here since November (like me) and he speaks both Lingala and French. He kind of struggles with reading French, so we were able to get him a book of Mormon in Lingala. It was super cool to go up there and meet him. He is currently living in a Catholic church right next to a mosque. We are not able to go into the building to teach him because it is just where he lives during the week. but we are able to teach him right next door in a park which is located in between the church and the mosque. We presented him with the new book and challenged him to read it. He seemed a lot more comfortable this time and we had him read the promise of Moroni. This tells us that if we read and we pray that God will tell us the truthfulness of the writings. Seeing him read it in his mother tongue, I could immediately see the difference that it was making in his understanding. It makes me think about the promise that the world was given, that every man may hear the gospel in his native language. His friend skills suffice him to speak with us about the gospel but when it came to him gaining his testimony of the Book of Mormon having that book completely changed the ball game. The Book of Mormon has been translated now in around 160 languages. It now has been able to testify of our Savior Jesus Christ to many more hearts than it could if it had stayed in English.

The Lords work is very beautiful I’ve seen the changes that is brought to people’s lives and it is completely marvelous to me every time that I see these changes. I’m so grateful for this restored gospel and for the Book of Mormon that brings me closer to my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ. This man has now accepted a baptismal date for the month of December and I know that he can be ready if he reads and if he prays to know the truth of these things.  I can already see these amazing changes in his life.

This week we’re also able to see our Ami M. Wow, I’m pretty sure I said this last week, but she is a different person than I first met. I took a picture with her on Sunday. I would like you all to look at the lights that exist in her eyes the joy that she has and just the spirit that she carries with her at this time. I can promise you that it was not always like that. She has changed and has become someone different someone better, someone more capable, someone who shares his love and especially someone who has grown closer to the source of all love, our Father in Heaven.

Ami “M” and Me

This week we are able to see a lot of cool miracles with our less active members. There is a less active that we have been working with  for the last few weeks he has been starting to help us now. There is a member who is been kind of upset recently and was a really good friend with this less active member, We have seen that problem and we spoke to the less active and asked if you could come to an activity. He came he felt a lot of joy there and especially he was able to help the member that was struggling. The next day he contacted us asking if he could come to the garden of the member to help do a service with us!

That has really been a miracle for us in this ward, also we were able to go to that less active members garden. He had been growing grapes, they were little and delicious. He told me I could take them because he does not gather them anymore. So, I made a fruit tart for a bbq the next day!

Another experience with the member was we went to a less active members home to visit him as he has not been coming to church.   He sends his daughters to church, so we went to talk to him and share a message, about the atonement of Jesus Christ and all the things that he did for us.  It was a really great message to share with him and I could tell he was very much touched by it.  The situation is very complicated and he cannot come back to church right now, but he promised me that he would be sharing his testimony and the Scriptures with his two daughters as they are on the search to learn more.

So the transfer calls came on Friday. I was thinking I might stay with Elder Hynanen, but that would stop my streak of being one transfer with each companion.  I received the call and was told that my companion is going to serve in Switzerland. That means I will be getting a new companion. My new companion is Elder Peron. Guess what,  He is FRENCH! That’s right I have a French companion! I went to Lyon to get him today. He has been on his mission for about six months. He speaks English pretty well and I can already feel my French getting better. 🙂 It is so cool to be serving with a French companion because we can speak a lot of French and it doesn’t feel strange to do so. He is from the north of France not far from Chez mon Soeur!

Elder Peron and Me!
Elder Peron and Me!

Well, I am very excited to start this new transfer. The scary part is that this is my half way transfer! It’s my 8th and I’ll have 8 left. Wow. 🙂 🙂

I love you all and I thank you for the support you give me.

Je vous aime, et je vous remercie pour tout le soutien que vous me donnez.

Elder Peterson


Yes it does say Library and Dance Hall
Yes, it does say Library and Dance Hall

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