A Week with Frenchie!

This has been a very great week with a lot of improvement. I thought I was good at French, but I had no idea how many little mistakes I make.  It has been very good and quite interesting to serve with Elder Peron because he can correct me and I can help him also. He’s been on his mission just less than 6 months, so I have been able to help him learn a lot more as he helps me with the language. It has been a very good exchange of knowledge. 🙂 Also, he needs English help so I work on teaching him when we are in the apt. and he helps me when we are outside.

It has been a very good week with some ups and downs, but on the mission the downs never last too long and the ups outweigh them by tenfold.

Monday night, we saw our Ami M, who I sent the photo of last week, she
was able to meet my new companion and we taught her about the gospel of
Jesus Christ. We told her about what he taught when he was here on earth, and how that can help us in our lives today and I’m our quest towards progression. She really loved the lesson and I got to teach my favorite subject! Which is repentance! Yay! Repenting is so fun. :)When I hear the word repentance it brings to my mind a Monty Python skit that I saw years ago. In it they were around talking to a Catholic priest and it was the middle ages and when they were called unto repentance. They picked up rocks and started hitting themselves in punishment. Although a humorous presentation, it demonstrated what they clearly did not understand. The two major parts of repentance;
1. Repentance is just a way to change, it is recognizing our faults or weaknesses and changing to be on better agreement with the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is a huge blessing to be able to change and become better, to become stronger and happier, to build a stronger personal relationship with our Heavenly Father.
2. We do not need to inflict pain on ourselves for the sins we may
have committed or for our mistakes and shortcomings. Our Lord and
Savior Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price for us. He wants us to accept his atonement and to change. He loves us and he suffered for us so we don’t have to.

I have really felt the power of the atonement and of repentance as a have been a missionary. The Lord loves us infinitely and offered his son that we may be free to change and come back to him.

Anyways, you can tell, I love repentance!

Tuesday, we had a good day. We had an RDV with our Ami A it went really, really well. Much better than the last time and we were able to teach him, also about the gospel of Jesus Christ. It has been a really beautiful experience to teach this subject that I love so much. He has been having a few health issues, and he wants to get them all figured out soon. He accepted a baptismal date for 5 December. 🙂 We are very happy that he finally accepted a date and that he is working towards growing his faith in the Savior Jesus Christ.

That evening we were able to go and see a young family who has been in the
church now for two years. They have been very happy in the church.  However they have not yet been able to go to the temple. We talked to them about the temple, and we shared a message showing a video of the temple and what is important about it’s eternal meaning. We were super happy with the message and how it allowed me to talk to them about their plans to go to the temple. 🙂 The parents should be going there to do baptisms in the Swiss Temple in the month of October. Due to legal complications of bringing their children out of country, they will be waiting for the Paris temple next year to be sealed as a family for time and eternity. It is really cool for them because they were new in the church, but they have already had some very amazing experiences that helped them to become stronger in the church.

We were able to see another one of our Ami’s.  C is doing very well, but she just seems to forget a lot of things. Something that she really needs to be doing in order to remember everything is to be reading the Book of Mormon and praying. We have really seen that as she reads and prays that she retains a lot more information. We understand that the medication she takes affects her memory. The Lord helps her a lot when she is keeping her commitments and that she is praying and seeking guidance she’s able to retain the most information.

Thursday was interesting. We were in Lyon for most of the day. We were able to go to this taco restaurant that all the missionaries always talk about. 🙂 We were in Lyon because my companion had a dentist appointment and I had to figure out what I need to do to obtain my driving record. I got get on the phone to call the New Hampshire Department of motor vehicles.  If you think it is bad in person try to be on the phone with them from another country. It is always a blast talking to a government agency. I  got Judy, she is probably about 50 years old and has been smoking for about 75. 🙂 It is very strange to talk to someone in my home state. I explained my situation to her and she told me she would call me back. An hour later when it was my companions dentist appointment I was on exchange with another missionary so I could wait by the phone while my companion went to the dentist. I called her back, but she told me that she’s been busy on the phone since the last time we spoke. She told me she would get off and she will look for my paperwork and that she would call me back. An hour later right before I am about to leave Lyon, I called her again and she told me she talked to her supervisor and she was sorry she had not called me back.  She explained what I have to do and then I said goodbye. You gotta love those DMV stories! It was like almost as fun as actually waiting in line! After that, we took a train back to Saint Etienne and we taught English class which went very well.

On Friday, we had a really good Family home evening with a few Amis and a bunch of members it was really nice we all had a fun time. Unfortunately, we had three people cancel on us, so at least the day ended very well. 🙂

Saturday, we called some old investigators and we asked if we could meet with them in the afternoon they said yes. We got to do two lessons back-to-back and they went very well. We picked up two new investigators! We will see how this goes. 🙂 We then went and worked in the garden of a member. It went really well he was able to supply us with a lot of really yummy tomatoes and zucchini. There was a less active member that came to help us in the garden and it went really well because right after we were able to eat with the member and the less active, it was a really good time.

Sunday was a very good day. In the morning, our mission president came to church here and Saint Etienne. He was able to watch us throughout the meetings and also to give a talk during the sacrament meeting. It was really amazing he spoke about how everyone in the ward can work together against the adversary to be stronger and to help others 🙂

I love you all very much!

PS. I think I am forgetting English, as this was one of the hardest Emails to write.

Avec amour,
Elder Peterson


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