A Week with a Chipmunk Companion

Bonjour, ma famille et amis;

This week was a very good week but also a very strange week because we were only here in town for about half of the week.

On Monday, we went to do a family home evening with the family P.  They LOVE America and all things that come with it, so they made us some wonderful steaks and  gave us root beer from their last trip to the U.S.! They also had some Walmart bbq sauce with the steaks, 🙂 and it tasted great. 🙂 Something I realized this week is that although the food here is great… the variety is not so great. I love the food here, but I miss some of the variety the food in the U.S. a little. Just the idea of getting into my car and driving for about 10 minutes to get any kind of food possible for less money and larger sizes. Hey, don’t worry I am not getting trunky! I don’t ever want to finish my mission, but once in a while there are some little things I miss. However,  I know that when I leave here I will miss the cheese. 🙂 It is the best ever. Anyway, we shared a message about the temple and the importance of attending often. The temple is about 3 hours from here so it’s not very close, but it is a lot closer than from when I was in Perpignan which was 9 hours to the Swiss or for Spain temple. We discussed the blessings of the temple and also about the Paris temple, which our mission president told us is the most important thing to ever happen in France. We talked about our temple experiences and our testimonies and then we invited them to share the news of the temple of their friends through social media, to share the image and their testimonies on Facebook and through other resources. 🙂

Other things this week is we had a lesson with our Ami M and we brought our DMP. We taught about three of the most important commandments which form the base of our faith and religion and the basis of our personal relationship with our Heavenly Father. We talked first about prayer and the importance of having personal conversations with Heavenly Father.  His guidance throughout our days and to know his will and to do it. Next we discussed the scriptures and their importance. That they are the words of Christ and his prophets and that they can help us learn Gods will also and how we can find comfort and responses through our study. Following those lessons we discussed about going to church and keeping the sabbath day holy and the importance of  renewing our baptismal covenant to follow the Lord and be a disciple as well as sharing time with our brothers and sisters on that holy day is very important.

Then we went out to a city, an hour away, to see our Ami R and he brought two Amis! The problem is that the bus to get there only goes three times a day so we had a long meeting with them lol we taught about a couple things – one was faith and the importance of taking steps to show our faith and to gain our testimony. Then, because we were in a park and 3 of them where smoking ( not just tabacco) we decided to teach the word of wisdom a little bit. 🙂 They took it pretty well, but none of them wanted to accept it until they knew that Joseph Smith was a prophet. LOL, I really hope that they will take some steps of faith to find that answer and then they will be able to grow their relationship with their Heavenly Father.

When we went home, I made pumpkin bars for the following day because
we had a meeting in Lyon. A member gave us a pumpkin from his garden and without a recipe I made them. 🙂 Yea for my mom, who showed me how to steam pumpkin in the oven!

The next day we went to Lyon and had a great district meeting, with powerful testimonies and good food. 🙂 After we went back to our city and we taught English. Well to be exact, I taught English and it went very well!

The next morning we went back to Lyon because my companion has to get his 4 wisdom teeth pulled! His dentist said it wouldn’t need to be done for another 5 years… but they began hurting him so it needed to be done. 🙂 That’s why I labeled letter this week – my week with a chipmunk – because he is a little swollen! 🙂 🙂 That night we went to the mission office and we spent some time helping the elders there because we could not have done much else. I was able to do a little exchange with one of them so that we could teach someone. It was very nice to get out a teach a little in Lyon. 🙂 Then that night we stayed with the office elders because there was a stake priesthood conference the next day.  The office elders apt is huge! There is space for 34 people to sleep! 4 bedrooms each with 3 or 4 triple bunk beds because a lot of missionaries pass through Lyon on their way to their respective villes.

The next day, we went to the meeting which was great. 🙂 It was very inspired and the stake presidents talk was incredible. He spoke to exactly what was needed to be spoken about and the goals of the interior regions, here in Western Europe.

Well I love you all! Sorry, I didn’t have much to say! But we did have three days in Lyon. 🙂

Je vous aime tous,
Merci beaucoup pour votre soutien et pour l’amour que vous m’avez montré.
Vous me manquez beaucoup.
J’espère que Google va faire une bonne traduction. 🙂

Avec amour,

P.S. C’est beaucoup plus facile pour moi parler français que anglais, franchement aujourd’hui c’était dur pour moi écrire en anglais.
Mais ça va.

Elder Peterson


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