Bonjour tout le monde!

Bonjour mon famille et ami’s,

This was a very good week, seeing a lot of members and some of the
beautiful country where I live 🙂

Monday we went to visit a family out in the countryside, which went very well but when we came to the spiritual thought they seemed to really close up. This is not to be negative, but this family has caused a couple problems in the ward, so we had planned a message to give them a little kick in the right direction. We hoped they might realize the judgements they have made or the pain they have caused in the lives of others even if they didn’t mean too.  They needed to realize what they had done. We had prepared a message with the sisters to shock them into place…They seemed to really close up during the message so it didn’t go so great, but we did it with love and we hope the results will show soon. Anyways we had a good time with them!

Tuesday we were able to teach our Ami C, s went to live with her mother for the next 2 months. It went well, we really had to push the message of scripture STUDY and not just reading, because when she reads she struggles really understanding but with prayer and more intention, it has been a lot better, so we saw her and said goodbye because we don’t know who will be here when she gets back! Then we were able to have a great rest of the day!

Wednesday we went in the morning to visit the family G who also live in the countryside in a beautiful stone farm house that they have been renovating for an few years now. It was really great, brother G is Italian so he made us pasta with very good sauce and with Romano cheese 🙂 I love the food in this mission a lot. 🙂 They took us on a little tour of the farm that they have and then we sat down and had a discussion about Adam and Eve, it went very well and it was very cool to just sit down with some strong members and discuss some doctrine. 🙂 Then they took us to a chateau that had not been renovated. It was in the original state so it was awesome! We’re walked around the ruins and then we had to run back to get our train, the castle is about a mile away from the parking! It was so long run in a short time. 🙂 As a missionary I can walk 15 miles a day but when it comes to running, not so much. 🙂

Thursday we had a district meeting in Lyon so we took off in the morning and we had to bring fruit salad. We brought it on the train with us but then when got off the train like 5 minutes later still in the train station buying croissants I realized we did not have our fruit salad…. We RAN up to the train platform where we got off and even though 7 minutes had passed the train was still there.. (Also
all this happened in pouring rain). All the doors on the train were locked, and it was a LONG train so I ran to the front and knocked on the conductors window and explained the situation and he said ok and unlocked the doors. He also said he had to leave very soon, so I sprinted in the rain dressed in a suit to the end and the fruit salad was still there. 🙂 I got it and all was well.

At the meeting, we had a great time talking about planning but when I got there my district leader asked if I could do the translation for a French sister! All of our meetings are in English I had never done one from English to French before but I said yes and I was able to translate for the whole meeting! I felt so good so it was worth it.

Then after we got back I taught English class! More translation! At least I am getting a lot better at French now. Like every second, I am getting better but I don’t want it to go to my head! Because I still make a lot of little mistakes but I think one day I will speak pretty well, it’s just that the accent is sooooo hard. 🙂

Saturday the sisters had a baptism and the girl who got baptized asked if I could give a talk about baptism. I gave my first talk in French actually! I had never had the opportunity to do it yet. I have taught every day but never a talk In front of a group like that. I think it went well! 🙂 I will send it too you with the scriptures and quotes. 🙂

I was also able to be a witness for the baptism to be sure it was done properly which was another great opportunity for me. 🙂 Something happened that has never happened before in this church… The water was too…. Hot. Like what

Sorry for the truncated message but my companion just received some serious bad news from home and may have to leave the mission for a little while.  We need to call the President.

image3-11 image2-17 image1-20

Elder Peterson


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