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Bonjour mon Famille et ami’s

This week has been very interesting. On Monday night when I was writing the email from last week, my colleague had received an email that he had to speak to his mother. It turns out he had to go home to help his mother and sisters with a couple things and will probably be home for a couple of months.

On Tuesday, we talked to President and he told us that’s one of the senior couples would be coming down to get us and I will be putting my companion on a train at 5 PM.  That’s what we did and then after I went to the office and I spent time with the Elders who work there.

For the next few days, I worked in the office with them making calls for apartments, doing reimbursement forms and just a bunch of little things for the office. I now realize that all there is to do in the office.  It is lot more work than anyone else. 🙂

On Thursday, we had a conference where one of the members of the 70 came to visit and spoke to us about the mission and our motivation. It was a very good conference. He is from Germany and he and his wife were able to speak to us.  We also heard from the stake president and his wife from Lyon. It was a really amazing conference. I was really happy to be there, although it was a little bit strange to be there with the officeholders and not with my companion, but I was still able to learn a lot and to feel the spirit. 🙂

Basically all week I have been working with them and then Sunday morning I went to church in Lyon. That was really nice because there are a lot of members there and that was really nice to see all of those people at church. After church, I was able to meet with my new companion!

His name is Elder Warner and he is from Washington state. He was also
homeschooled! Yay. 🙂 We were finally able to come back home to Saint Etienne! I had to throw out the milk, the yogurt, the tomatoes, and zucchini. 😦 It was rather strange to come back but just minutes after we got back we went to visit an inactive member who we have been working with a lot. We had spent the whole p day with him last week in a little village. He asked me for a blessing. We went to his house and talk for a little while with another member and then the time came for the blessing he told us what had been happening and kind of why he had asked for a blessing and we a prayer before the blessing. We all kneeled down in prayer and the inactive led the prayer. It was very powerful and we all felt the spirit so strongly. I felt some things that are even hard to explain. I have come to know and have a profound testimony of the help and support we can receive from the other side of the veil. I know this may sounds strange but in that moment I knew that my Grandma Nan was in the room. I knew that the man was about to ask me to give the blessing and I needed help and support. I knew that my Grandma Nan came to help me and I really felt her there.

Then I was asked to give him the blessing and this is probably the most amazing experience as of yet on my mission. He asked me and then he kneeled down and I placed my hands on his head to give him a blessing. I started talking and to my surprise I was tu toing him (In French there are two different ways to say YOU there is Vous which is plural and singular and is used in a formal way of speaking which we are required to use as missionaries, then there is tu, which is used in families or with close friends, in prayer we use TU as we speak to God because he is our father, and I repeat, as a missionary I am only allowed to use VOUS.) The words that were coming from my mouth were not at all my own. I was completely a mouthpiece for out Heavenly Father that wanted to bless his son at that moment.

After the blessing, which lasted a long time, I could not and even to this moment remember what I had said. That was an amazing experience that I shall never forget. I am so thankful to be an instrument in the lords hands here at this time. 🙂

I love you all and I thank you for your love and support.

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Elder Peterson


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