Being Sick is No FUN!!!

Bonjour Mon Famille et Ami’s,

This week has been very good and spiritual but also I have been sick most of the week I have been sore and just week but it was not without its adventures.

On Sunday as you know I was able to get home with my new companion and we spent last p-day together trying to get life back to normal. 🙂 That ended with us going to visit that member and having the great experience giving him a blessing.

Tuesday we had nothing planned but I felt the impression to goto a little city of Roanne which is about 1 hour away. We have an ami there who was not able to see us but I still felt impressed to go. When we got to the Gare there and then we decided to pray and seek inspiration on what do do next. We prayed and I felt impressed to walk to a certain park, as we approached the park there was a women that caught my attention who was just sitting there after finishing her lunch drinking a Coke. I felt I needed to talk to her but I didn’t go to her first because I was hesitant, but I felt pushed to go and so we went and I pulled out my iPad opening my family tree and walked up saying “bonjour, est-ce que vous avez jamais vue quelqu’a choses comme
ca?” ( hello have you ever seen somthing like this?) I didn’t even ask how she was but just dived into it. 🙂 Then on asking if she was able to talk for a bit she held up her hand saying “5 minutes” and I saidOK! So I dove into testifying about the family and then asking about hers and then asking about her faith and then talking about the difference between us and other churches and then the Mormon word came
out. Yay, now she knows we are not Amish. We were able to show her the drawings of the temple and testify to her and at the end of everything, she had promised to teach her son to pray that night, to watch general conference and to read the Book Of Mormon.. Then I looked at the clock it had been 2 and a half hours…. Wow. I explained to her that she was the true reason that we came that day and how we were guided it was incredible

Wednesday. I was sick all day in apt.

Thursday we had district meeting in French! I didn’t have to translate for the French sister it was a really great meeting and we were able to all bare our testimonies in French at the end which was really special, I was able to learn a lot about my own testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ. It is a lot more simple than I had thought I felt like it was this big complicated thing and I wanted to describe it in flawless French and be all impressive but it hit me about 30 seconds before my turn the true importance of my testimony and my work here. I was able to remember why I came on a
mission and I am so thankful for the humbling experience that I was able to have.

After that we were able to teach M and it went very well she has made some very great progress but she has to have a surgery soon so she will have to move her baptismal date but I am so proud of her progress anyway she will be able to follow the example of her Savoir and be baptized.

Friday, we had a great soirée famillial (family home evening) at the church where we taught the message that we may calm our fears with our faith in the Lord Jesus. This world is filled with a lot of things that can cause fear but we may calm those with our vision fixed on the Savior.

This weekend was conference, it was incredible as ever and all the questions I had prepared were answered. I am so thankful for that great conference and all the things I learned.

Last night was interesting… It was 10:15 so just before bedtime I got a call from my zone leader to call the mission president… I call him (we talk all the time now because of all the things that have happened here. 🙂 He said “never a dull moment huh?” He explained that they could not contact the sisters and have been trying for about an hour but they could not be reached. He told me to call the closest member to their house and see if he would go check on them. He didn’t answer.. So…I called president back and explain that there is a member that lives near us that could drive us if we run to his house, (This is the less active that we have been working with) The President told us to go. We run like 1/2 mile to the members house in the rain and he drives us. When we were halfway there, the president calls saying they the sisters are home and safe. It’s like 10:45. 🙂 He told us to thank the member and go home. 🙂 What a night.

image4 image2 image1 image3

One Year -- Wow SUSHI Lunch
One Year — Wow SUSHI Lunch
Our District
Yummy Soup
Soup and Bread
St. Etienne
Ville St. Etienne!

I love you all so much!
Passez une bonne semaine.
Elder Peterson


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