Transfers and Some Very Exciting News!!!

Bonjour tout le monde aux Etats-Unis, Belgique, Canada;

This week was super great for a lot of reasons!

First  is that the less active we have been working with has made an enormous progress and we have seen so much more light in his life coming back, he has really been able to feel the love of his Heavenly Father and that has been renewing his love and his spirit that had been weakening over the years, it is amazing and we are so excited for him. He had us over for chili with the sisters the other night and it went very well, we were all able to bear our testimonies and he told us all about what has been happening, he said frankly that when he first met me I gave the impression of egoistic and very pompous because I came in saying I have a lot of faith that we can change the problems in the ward, that it will be a lot better and that we can help with the love in the ward and he said to himself “I’m never having this elder back.” Then he came to know me better and he really started to learn and feel the spirit with us and he has been able to change so much and he thanked me right there for my work.  He then told me that he is really making the steps to come back and I played an important role in that process. :,) I am so thankful for the transfer here.

Second thing… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh TRANSFER CALLS. Friday morning the president calls and tells me that Elder Peron is coming back to the mission on Monday! It is super great news, but sadly he will not be reassigned to Saint Etienne. He then he tells me that I am the new District Leader (of the biggest district in the mission! Not only that but that I would also be training a new missionary! I was so excited and nervous, but I know I am as ready as I’ll ever be.

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 
I am in Lyon for the next few days with the other trainers getting our children!

I love you all so much. Enjoy the Pictures!!

Elder Peterson







Elder Warner and I
Elder Warner and I

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