A great week of responsibility and fun times.. And a fire for the Sisters.

Hello there, famile et amis;

This week has been great! I don’t even know where to begin, I guess I
should just start on Monday.

We all went to Lyon early in the morning, I spent a few hours in the
transition there as we are waiting for missionaries to come in and
sending other missionaries off. Every six weeks the gare is full of missionaries and a lot of missionary luggage.

So, as I said goodbye to Elder Warner, I was received by a group of
other trainers. A bunch of us split up and just went out to find some food and then headed back to the gare to get more missionaries. Then, we all went to the Church Institute building which is in the center of Lyon. We were able to do our emails there and spend some time
together. That night, we all went to master taco which is this really good
restaurant in Lyon, we just had a very good relaxing time… Well, to say the least, we were all very stressed, but we are trying to relax. 🙂

The next morning we got up and got ready and we went to old Lyon. While we were doing some tracting, we visited a less active member.
Then, we all had an activity for contacting at this place called Bellcore and we set up a flag for family search and began to talk to people
about their family trees. 🙂

There were about 20 people, all they’re doing contacting and it was really cool we had a lot of fun then you’re able to touch a lot of hearts
talking about the possibility of an eternal family. 🙂 It was only 2° outside Celsius… It was so cold. (Hey, I spent most of last year on the French Rivera on the Med, if I had come here directly from NH I would have thought it was just cool) so we all went to McDonald’s and got some hot cocoa. 🙂 then we had to go to a meeting at the Institute building where we were given a bingo game, as a new contacting tool, for the next couple hours which included different things that you could do within your contacting, such as saying cheese five times in a conversation and teaching the kind of salvation, giving someone a high-five or taking a selfie with someone. 🙂 We had a good time with that and then we all of us went out for pizza (the trainers) and had a very good time discussing our fears and expectations for the next few weeks. 🙂

Then on Wednesday morning we woke up and went to the church building, we were sitting downstairs when all of the new missionaries arrived…

They were upstairs having their meeting we were downstairs eating
croissants and yogurt… And we were all freaking out. 🙂
Then the President came downstairs and give us all a little pep talk, and then he brought us upstairs to meet the new missionaries. 🙂 We were all sitting on one-half of the room and all of the new missionaries were on the other half they came up one by one reading their call letter which told them what city and who will be training them. Then one of them stood up and said Saint-Etienne. I listened carefully as he said his name, Elder Battezzato! For all of you that don’t know one of my really good friends from my home stake is Stephania Battezzato – and the one that I’m training happens to be her cousin. 🙂 She is serving in now in Rome, Italy Mission. It is super cool because he is Italian from Sicily in the South of Italy and he is learning both French and English. 🙂 Now I get to teach in two languages. 🙂 So, it has been a really great few days getting to know him and to help him with his languages. He has been doing such a great job, and been testifying it has been helping me teach a lot his friends has been improving drastically over the last week 🙂

We did some training in the afternoon and Wednesday we were able to go home that night to Saint Etienne, (also, I just found out why the people here are called Stephenois!  It is because, in the Bible where it talks about the stoning of Stephen it’s actually the stoning of Etienne, which is French for Stephen.) That night we went to visit one of the members here who is actually from Sicily. It was really cool because my companion was able to connect with him and speak a little bit of
Italian, to get to know him. 🙂 We had a really good rendezvous and we were able to have a good moment there.

On Thursday, we had a really good day, we were able to teach a couple people meet some members and get a lot of studies in general. 🙂 On Thursday, we had a really good day, we were able to teach a couple people, meet some members, and get in a lot of studies. 🙂 It was really great day and then we were able to teach English class in the evening. 🙂

Friday we were able to do one of our weekly planning sessions, and that went very well. 🙂 Then, we had a great family home evening where we were able to actually give a blessing to someone who I needed help and who has surgery scheduled this week. We ended the night playing some really great games with all the young men and women from the ward it was really fun and we are really happy.

We had some amazing spiritual experiences with one we have been working a lot with one of the less-actives and he has been doing so well I seem to talk about him every week. but it’s just getting better. 🙂 We just spent another P-Day with him today and we were able to go and visit a castle and a dam which is out in the countryside. He has been making some amazing progress and spiritual sensitivity is coming back. He came to church on Sunday and he had actually really hard afternoon after church because he was just feeling the spirit again and feeling all this love that he hadn’t felt in years and he realized that he was not in the place he should have been and that his place is in the church and that he needs to come back.

So, Sunday morning was a very exciting morning……

It was 0440 and the sisters called. (Never a good sign) I realized that it was a call and not my alarm and I answered it. They had explained to me that they were woken up by the fire alarm and that’s there is smoke coming from the hallway into their door. They could not get out of their apartment and then they told me that they had already called the police so I told them that they should go to the window and wave a sheet out so that people will know that they are in there. When the
firefighters came, they saw the sheet and they were able to take the Sisters out of the window! They were not harmed and everything is OK, but I had called the President right after they were rescued. The President     called me back and he said that he would pick them up. He picked them up and brought them up to his home in Lyon. 🙂 I’m just so thankful that the Sisters were OK. Right after they called my companion and I fell on our knees and prayed. I know that the Lord protected them that there’s a lot of work that they need to do 🙂

So this week is been really great I’ve been able to begin initial communications with everyone in my whole district and to work a lot with my new companion. 🙂 I am so happy to be here.

Please enjoy some pictures!

image1 image2 image5 image4 image3

Love to all of you,

Elder Peterson


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