A Great Week… Zone and Stake Conferences and Exchanges!

Bonjour a Tous;

Tuesday was a very interesting day. The night before we had planned to
go to the city of Roanne. However, in the morning I was really feeling that we should stay in St Etienne. I called an ami and asked if we can see him and he says yes, (this was just God planning our day) so we get to the bus stop to go out to the Amis place… The office elders called to ask us about the sisters apt that burned. They had received a call from the insurance who told them that the sisters apt. was all ready to be lived in. The office wanted to trust the insurance company…. But we have learned, through experience, don’t. 🙂 They asked if we could swing by the sisters apt to see if it’s livable. Change of plans…. Called back the Ami to cancel. Again God guiding us, as we had to drop everything and go and look at their apt………. Ummm…. The only thing that could live there is a ghost! It looked like a haunted house! 🙂 The hallway to their door was horrible. On the inside, the apartment was ok (God protects the sister missionaries) I’ll attach a photo.

Then because we took the photos we had to send them to the mission office so we went to the church to get them send them and as we were at the church my companion had to do some iPad configuration so we stayed there for a little while. All of the sudden I had a Horrible throbbing headache. I was like ok, we are done. We will go to the pharmacy and get some pain killers and we would go home to eat. As we left the church and locked up, we notice a man smiling at us and I walk up and shake his hand. It was as if I had known him for a while. As I introduce us, he said he had seen our building for the last few weeks and that he used to be a Jehovah’s Witness. That didn’t work out because he believes in the Holy Ghost and the important role he plays, so they kinda kicked him out. We talked for a minute and then we asked if he wanted to see the Chapel and he said sure. We went and gave him a little tour (my headache immediately was…gone!) and then we explained that we are MORMON. That gave him a little pause, after this whole conversation about God and the bible, he finds this out and he was shocked. 🙂 Because for all he knew we were Amish and we like only have our Mormon bible. 🙂 We shared with him the restoration and the story of the Book of Mormon and he really liked it and happily accepted the Book of Mormon and we were able to testify about its truth and he accepted the invitation to read it. 🙂 That day was so WIERD, a lot of things happened that we had not planned at all, but we know it that it was the Lords plan 🙂

Tuesday was a really great day, we are able to see a couple members and really make their day! Also, in the morning we were able to get all of our studies in. As I am currently training (a blue), we have four hours of studies. 🙂 We have 1 hour of personal study and then we have one hour of studying together, followed by one hour of language study one hour of language study and then we have one hour of language study together then we do one more hour of study which is called 12 week and that is just initial studies before we head out to start our missionary work. 🙂 Got all of our studies in and then we were able to visit one of the members so that she could show us where one of the less active members is living. She showed us, but they were not at home, so we went back to her house and we had a good discussion. She had really been needing to talk about some things, so it was really nice to give her some support and have a good time giving her some comfort. 🙂 While we were there for her neighbor came out and we were able to talk to them and are planning on going back this week. 🙂

In the evening, we were able to visit family and eat with them and it was a really great time. It is a mother and her son, he is the youngest so he is the last in the house, he is 17. 🙂 He is preparing to go on a mission when he turns 18. We had a really good night and then we were able to go home, make a dessert for a zone meeting the next day, and sleep. 🙂

Thursday we had this zone meeting which went really well, we talked about simplicity and how we always need to keep in the Gospel simple. There are a lot of people that do not understand the vocabulary of the gospel and we have to be there loving them so that they can understand and that we can teach in a simple way as the savior could always teach.

It was very eye-opening for me because I find myself often making the doctrine more complicated than it needs to be. I am super thankful for that meeting!

Right after the meeting on Thursday we had did exchanges. I was with Elder Haws and we had a really good time talking to some people on buses. The exchanges went into Friday and we were able to teach one of our amis, that was very hard for us. 😦 She was completely drunk and we were not able to teach her anything. We just walked her back to her door and prayed with her. There was nothing Heavenly Father or we could do. She was super drunk and just started crying when we asked if she had prayed to get rid of the temptation before drinking. :/ It has been a very interesting learning opportunity for us teach her because she is not able to be baptized by us because she has some mental problems that are being monitored. She just forgets everything we tell her, but as she studies she is able to understand a lot and to really feel the love of God. When she prays it helps her to remember. However, she just needs to do it, which is the tough part. I have grown to love her and I really want her to be happy. 🙂

Then we ended the exchange and my companion and I came back to do the family home evening which went very well. My companion is doing so great! He has been improving in so many different ways, his friends and his English have been skyrocketing and I’m so proud of him. 🙂 I am super thankful for being able to work with him and he’s a lot better of a new missionary than I was. He is super great and he even made me pasta carbonara! He is so Italian, and it’s great! But he eats cereal with Hot milk which is so strange (my milk has to be ice cold), but I love him.

This week we had stake conference in Lyon. It was super great they actually rented out big conference space because there’s no church building here big enough. The conference was really great and was attended by one of the Seventy’s (Homer). He is from Toronto and he knows Uncle Paul. 🙂 The stake president also spoke and so did our mission president. 🙂

So this week is really great and I want to let you know that I love you all and I’ll see you next week… Not like see you, but… On the blog.

image3 image2 image1 image1 image2 image3

Elder Peterson,
La mission Française de Lyon.


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