Bugs and Germs….I think France broke my Immune System

Bonjour ma Famille et Amis,

This week was a very good week – but not without its challenges. I have been sick this week… twice!

Monday was great we were able to go and spend our P-day in a little village in the countryside.  Ok, that was super great. We went to a little castle and had a great time with “A” a less active that we have been working with a lot, he has been inactive in the church for the last 6 years but over the last couple months, with our visits, we have seen some amazing changes and spiritual experiences that are bringing him back little by little. It has been so great to work with him, he is like a brother to me and his progress so far has been amazing.
Tuesday was a good day. We have been working with our Ami “C “for the last few months, but she is someone who will not be able to be baptized for a very long time.  This is due to a number of medications she is taking for different mental problems.  During our visits, we basically visit with her and encourage her to pray and read the scriptures. Our biggest goal for her is to help her to stop drinking. She is a single woman and for that reason we are not able to teach in her home. We have been teaching  her outside in a park.  With the weather getting cold, we went to visit her with the Sisters and did a little trade off.  Now, she will be taught by the sisters from here on, because they can go into her house. 🙂 The introduction went well, and with the sisters now helping her I feel that she will really progress.
After that, we helped the sisters get settled into their new apt by helping get some moving done that day.  The Elders from the office came with a van and we played moving guys all day. It was a productive day as almost all of their stuff got moved.  Now the sisters can live here in St. Etienne again. After the fire, they spent the week in Lyon.
Wednesday, we had an exchange. However, I had started to get pretty sick. We took a train to Lyon and met up with the Elders there, and as District leader, I was in change of the exchange. I took Elder Loosey down with me in Saint Etienne and Elder Battezzato went up to Lyon. Sadly, because I was sick, my exchange consisted of drinking hot liquids and staying inside (Sister Browns orders.) We basically just tried to get me better which seemed to work well enough to so that I could go to our District meeting the next day.
Thursday, major stress day for me. It was the first time that I would lead and teach a district meeting and my district is huge! I spent quite a bit of time on my knees praying a lot and preparing a lot so that I could conduct a good district meeting.  Additionally to it being my first one, it was also going to be attended by the Assistants to President!!
We took a train up to Lyon and got to the chapel. I began preparing the things for  the Lunch that would follow after the meeting then we went to have the meeting. My main goal for this presentation was to give the missionaries in the meeting examples of how we as missionaries can be led by the spirit. We conducted some role plays and read from the scriptures together. As a mission, we were given the challenge to bear our testimony to our companions each and every night in French for 30 days and we were promised that it would both strengthen our testimonies and our ability to speak in the French language.  This was an amazing opportunity because then during district meeting, we were able to all bear our testimonies in French.  We had done this same thing 3 weeks before, at a prior district meeting as well, but this time we witnessed amazing changes. The spirit was stronger and the level of French had improved, immensely, which was astounding. I was so happy, to see these blessings being fulfilled. This meeting fell just a couple days before Halloween so for lunch I planned a meal of Pumpkin Soup and “Ghost’s in the Graveyard” dessert. (Pudding with Milano Cookie gravestones and whipped cream ghosts). 🙂  It was amazingly received, and it made us all feel a home. 🙂 Also, the food was so good that even if the meeting was bad people would not remember. 🙂
 Then we hopped the train back to St. Etienne and taught our English class.
Friday, we did some more Sister helping, and got their washer and dryer hooked up and rebuilt some of their furniture (dressers and stuff).  Much of our day was helping them get settled. 🙂 Then we got Sushi before heading to our Soiree Familial (family home evening) at the Church which is always fun. 🙂
Saturday, the sickness came back.  We were on the way to help some of our amis who were moving, and once in the car, I knew that I was going to be sick, we pulled over to the side of the road in the beautiful french countryside and nothing happened. I took a few fresh breaths of air and got back into the car. As soon as  we arrived, I stepped out of the car and well everything comes out… sorry for the image. At this point, we are an hour from home and we have committed to help people move, from the 4th floor… Ok, lets just say it was a kind of miserable day. haha.  We got home at 5pm and then I slept till 9pm took some meds and then slept till 7am. We went to church to help with the sacrament, but then we went straight back home. 😦 It’s been a sucky, couple days, but I’ll be better soon. 🙂
This week, I really felt the help of the Lord, as I taught District meeting and for that I am so very thankful.
Elder Battezzato is doing amazingly well!! WOW, his English and French are improving like crazy! He has had a lot of time to study, in the apt. this week. 🙂 🙂
I love you all,
Gros Bisous,
Elder Peterson

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