Changing my eyes and the way I see things!

Bonjour tout le monde.

This week has been really good! At the beginning of the week, I was still fighting a little sinus infection and that was a bit of a bummer but since then I have been on cloud 9. 🙂

The greatness really started on Wednesday, when we were able to go to Lyon
to have a zone conference.  We heard from President Brow, Sister Brown and from the new mission nurse who is named Sister Kemp. To prepare for our conference, President Brown had us all read a talk called, “Perfection Pending” from October 1995.  We had an amazing spiritually filled zone conference where we all learned a lot.  President Bown talked about the importance of working as a team with your companion and just as with a bow you need a combination of both hard and soft wood that it can work correctly. If the two pieces of wood are exactly the same, it’s not gonna work out. That is a really important point, as companionship’s both have weaknesses and both have strengths but as they compliment each other the companionship will be stronger and the goals will be achieved.

Sister Brown talked to us about going forth and attacking the missionary work. We have Christ as our leader and that we can achieve our goal when we work as a team.  I have been very blessed to have been able to work with President and Sister Brown. They are so inspired and I know that God called him to be here.

The mission nurse spoke to us about the verse in the scriptures that says we must have clean hands and a pure heart… Very fitting for a nurse 🙂

Then, we heard from the zone leaders and they were speaking to us about the importance of working with the ward council and with our Mission leader, was a great presentation and our eyes were opened. 🙂

Another thing that the President had us do, was to bring our area books to the conference and then the assistants gave us a little challenge where the goal was to fix a rendezvous from calling people from the area book 1st.  So, the prize was a big handful of candy and, of course, you all know I love candy… and my Sicilian companion also loves candy… Thus, we were able to fix a rendezvous within seconds.  We called a man who had been taught a few years ago that I had lost contact with the missionaries and we will be seeing him Thursday. 🙂

The next day we did an exchange with the Elders in Lyon. I stayed here in Saint Etienne and my companion went up to Lyon. It was an excellent exchange for me. I taught a man a few weeks ago and have not been able to see him again until that day. We went to his home and we spoke with him, it was a very powerful exchange we were able to speak about the personal relationship that he can have with God, this is a man who has spent time in prison.  He feels that he ruined a lot of his life he thinks for that reason that he would not be able to have another relationship with God. He thinks God wouldn’t love him and that causes him to think maybe there is not a God. We were able to discuss and pray with him and he’s well on his way to get back on the covenant path which leads to eternal life.

Then after that we went and talked to a woman that works for the transit system here. She loves the missionaries she has been giving missionaries their bus passes for a few years and she says we are formidable. 🙂 We went and saw her (sparked her as we say here in the mission). She was very happy to see us and the visit went really well.  In the conversation, she told us about her faith and what she’s been searching for! Stay tuned for the answers… 🙂 Then after that, we went to teach English class, which did not turn out to be many people but it was good anyway.

🙂 🙂 🙂

I like to just take a moment to talk about how great my companion is…His progress is incredible and he is already becoming a much better missionary than me. 🙂  His progress in French and English are going through the roof has been doing very great job and I’m so proud of him.

Now to explain the reason why this email is titled changing my eyes… This week my perception of others has been changing… I’ve been really looking at the worth of each soul. I have been studying about the atonement and about the importance that each and every person has in their Heavenly Father’s eyes,  that has been helping me enormously, as I turn my sights on how Heavenly Father would see these people and with that I am able to feel a lot more love for them.

This week I have learned and I have perceived the fact that me, as imperfect as I am, with all of my faults my weaknesses, my temptations and how I am, the Lord still saw worth… He saw my potential, he felt love for me and compassion towards me and the greatest sign that he has given me and that you could give to anyone of his children was the atonement of his son Jesus Christ. Heavenly father as he loves me as this imperfect being sent his son to pay the debt that one day I may live in his kingdom. Knowing these things, has opened my eyes and although I am still in the process of moving forward, but I am changing. I now know that all these people around me, even the weird guy who talks to himself… And the woman who digs through the trashcan… And the homeless man with nine dogs all have great worth and they have been paid for by Jesus Christ and their worth is great. 🙂

One last quick thing is that on Saturday we had a really good day we were able to visit one of our new Amis named S who lives in Rive de Gier. He has been taught in the past. It was a very amazing rendezvous, the spirit was really strong and my companion and I were able to share the message of love. We are able to teach him with a pure conviction that God is our true and undeniable Father. He is literally our Father in Heaven and he loves that we speak to him. If any of you that read this blog, do not talk to their Heavenly Father, I invite you to do so for he is truly gentle and kind and he would love that we could each speak to him. I have the firm testimony that he lessons and that as we pray and our relationship with him grows we are able to easily recognize when he speaks back. 🙂





Avec beaucoup d’amour

Elder Peterson,
La mission Française de Lyon.


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