In Tarbes….

This week has been great here in Tarbes!

The beginning of the week, I had to go up to Grenoble so that I could complete my legality. We went up on Monday to Lyon with a stop in Toulouse… Very important part of France culture is that 2 times a year there are soldes… It is a sale of everything, 40-80% off like

Well because of some Christmas money I got I thought… Hmmm. it is my last winter sales… The suits sold here during the winter sales are better for winter because they are thicker… And there is a Zara in Toulouse… And we have a two-hour layover… Ok fine! So I got a REALLY NICE French suit.. It is so nice and I am going to take really good care of it. It
was very cheap. The euro is very low right now. When I got to France1€ was 1.28$ but now it’s like 1.05. Basically the same! Yay hah.
Then Tuesday morning we took a train down to Grenoble got my legality then went and got some Thai food and then went back down to Toulouse and stayed the night there with the missionaries because we could not get a train back in the evening, basically, on Tuesday we took a total of 8 hours of train rides… Wow, I was done with trains, forever.

Wednesday by the time we got back here in Tarbes and we had not yet bought food for the week or cleaned the apt so we got it finished and then went to do some tracting which we call Porting (port is door in French) so we went out and knocked some doors and had some
good convos.

This Branch president here is amazing, his name is Fr Grattepanche. Wow, he is incredible, he has been here for a very long time and he is very wise and very good with the spirit, I am honored and very humbled to be able to work closely with such a man.

Then on Thursday, we visited  member from the reunion island who made us lunch, in the Reunion Island they reallllllly like spicy food which is great because I do too! It’s a shame that it’s hard to find spicy stuff here in France, but he makes us a dish which was incredible.  He even showed us how to make a sauce with Habanero peppers! It’s so spicy,
but I loved it, it was incredible! He is a member that was recently reactivated! He is doing very well in church.
Then after seeing him, we had 2 appts. drop us so we had nothing to do, we prayed and prayed to find someone who would listen to us and then we went home and did some work in the area book before going back out. We went out to find some less active members and then we went to see if the members are home, they are not so we decided to port the neighborhood.

We ring every house but then there was one that had no lights on and we thought no one would be home but, we rang the bell anyway and then a face appeared in the upstairs window. Haha, It freaked me out but she opened the window and asked what we wanted, we told her we talk about Christ and the family, she came down and it turns out she was from Colombia and she spoke Spanish with my companion. It was perfect and we told her
about the temple and then told her that we would come back with a Book of Mormon in Spanish for her/ 🙂 It was a really cool miracle to get someone who would at least listen 🙂

Then the next day we went to zone training in Toulouse! It is a beautiful brick city like Boston! We had Galette des rois which is a pastry with a little figurine in it and whoever gets it in the piece becomes the king so we had 4 of them for the desert and thus we became 4 people of royalty!



Elder Peterson

Église de Jésus-Christ des Saints des Derniers Jours France Lyon Mission



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