An Amazing Week in Tarbes

This week has been amazing! Where shall I begin.. Ok Monday..

We were exhausted. Once we got everything done that we needed to, we took a nap. It was incredible. Haha, I love P-days!

Then after the nap we went out to do some Port A Port, we went to visit a less active member, unfortunately, they were not there. Well, that gave us an opportunity to port the neighborhood.  That yielded some great conversations with some people.

On to Tuesday!

We did an exchange with the Zone Leaders from Toulouse. They came down on a train around 11:30 in the morning and our train out was not till like 1, so I decided we would have a good lunch. I made some enchiladas and bread pudding for dessert, we had a really good time and then started the exchange. I went up to Toulouse which was great because I Love the city! It is a lot like Boston, and it reminds me of home. It is all in brick and it’s great.

We had a couple really great RDVs with one of their Amis and then we had a meeting with their mission leader. After that, we had some time and we wanted to do Porting.. Door knocking… But with more faith! In the area planner, we wrote Family Finding!

As a Mission, we are putting the focus on families and really trying to contact and teach full families.  Out we went and the first door we knock, a man opens the door and a little girl runs through his legs yelling “j’ai désigné quelqu’a choses pour toi!” Trying to give us a drawing that she had made, it was adorable. At that point the father was not about to slam the door and say no, so he walks to the gate and starts talking to us. We share with
him that we are talking to people in the area about the family and told him about the family proclamation. He seemed interested to learn more, and to read it so we give him one and we set up a time for him to come tour the chapel and learn more! It was a great miracle!

Wednesday we had a District meeting where we discussed how to teach families and how to teach object lessons.  This is especially important when there are children around and helps to keep everyone interested and involved. We really tried to figure out how we can teach families about the restored gospel and how they can one day go to the temple to be sealed together!

After the meeting, we ate Poutine! Mmmmm (Canadian food, French fries with gravy and cheese) I made fake brown gravy because there is no stuff to make it here, but it turned out great!

Then we got a train back to Tarbes and there was a Worldwide Missionary training conference at 6pm, so we got to the chapel and streamed it from the web, it was incredible. It was given by a couple of the apostles and some of the women leaders of the church. It was really great. They began by talking about our purpose as missionaries and what we really are and should be doing. The loudest message that I heard was about always being led by the spirit in all things.

Thursday is where the big miracles began to happen. With all this focus on families, we set goals for that evening to find a family. Then Friday evening and on Saturday evening.

We went family finding. We prayed with faith, we wanted to be guided, we wanted to be the messengers in hands of our Heavenly Father here in Tarbes. We wanted to feel love for them and we wanted our conversations to be natural. We were blessed. The Lord was able to guide us, in his hands. The Lord was able to accomplish miracles through us, every one of these three nights we found a potential family. We gave them each a proclamation of the family and we fixed a time to come back and talk to each of them again, they all have so much potential and love. I feel so humbled by this experience.

When I got here to Tarbes, there was only one person being taught but now, we have 2 Amis, 3 potential families and 4 other potentials.  That is in less than 2 weeks. We also have started working with another less active member getting them towards reactivation.

This is incredible, and I am truly thankful to the Lord, he is so great and loving towards us! Tarbes is really moving!  We will see how the follow-up goes but I am so thankful to have full weeks planned to do this work. It makes time fly even faster! If that is even possible.

I have been able to see the hands of the Lord this week in the work.

I have been having a blast with elder Brady Haug, we are really lucky to be here. During this week, we had a meeting with our Branch President which was incredibly edifying. He is such an amazing man and he has been such an example of being led by the spirit.

Je vous aime tous.
Je vous souhaite une très bonne semaine

Elder Peterson,
La mission Française de Lyon.


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